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Might be going back to school, need vibes

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Well after all these years of looking for work, bouncing around from volunteer jobs and between different job network places (most of who were right gits) i've decided to take the scary step to do something that none of those people had encouraged me to do. I am going to an interview in a week, to see if i am good enough to be enrolled into a Diploma of Visual Arts which entails learning about sculpture, photography, printing, painting and drawing and also visiting galleries and i assume alot of theory.

It's a full time, 2 year course. It's only in the last week i seriously thought about doing it. But at the moment interviews are already taking place, and enrollments are closed. But after a talk to Tristan's sister last night (she is an artist), this morning i called the Uni in person and told them how i would absolutely, extremely appreciate the chance to be able to get into this course, and hope i haven't left it too late.

She talked to the arts co-ordinator, and i got an email a couple of hours later to tell me they could squeeze me in. *falls over*

So, though i've been doing art and craft almost my entire life, i have no qualifications, nor have i yet sold anything. The only requirements for the course are to be either yr 12 or mature age, and to bring a folio. I should be a pro in 2 years

I've spent the last 5 hours taking photos, finding my artwork, doing digital manipulation etcetc (computer is slow today which is REALLY annoying) and tomorrow i take the pictures to get printed out. Though i also have to take sketches and paintings as well. I said to the lady i didn't feel like i had enough to show off, and she said that a lot of the people who went for interviews didn't either, especially the 17 year olds who had just left school and had nothing behind them.

Oh *insert rude word here* i'm so scared. Getting the money thing sorted. Going through an interview, and though its not a job its still scary.

On the one hand i shouldn't feel so stressed because even though it's a diploma, the course is meant to help you learn and you shouldn't know everything entering the course, but on the other hand my work might not be good enough to get me in. After all friends and family are always going to be nice and say they like your stuff and i've always had trouble with simple things like drawing fingers, or getting shadows right and such.


Sorry, rant over..i need a coffee.
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Oh that sounds really exciting! Many vibes headed your way
If its something you have passion about, Im sure you will do just fine!
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Good luck!! Don't forget they're not looking for professionals, because they know everyone is doing the course to learn. They are looking for people who are genuinely interested, and show some promise.

Good luck!
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That sounds like a great course and so good of them to fit you in

Lots of calming and Good Luck vibes for your interview
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