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More Spraying Nonsense

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First of all... long time no see, TheCatSiters.

I have a problem. I currently own 5 cats. 3 kittens (2 male, one female), one adult male, and one adult female. Both of my adults are spayed/neutered, the kittens are not. Kittens are roughly 5 months old (Kittens are scheduled to be fixed soon as well).

My adult male has recently started spraying again. He did a lot of spraying just before his surgery, then it tapered off and suddenly he's doing it again, and trying to constantly mount the female kitten (though not the female adult). The kitten does not seem to be in heat, and she's not at all receptive to him. The two male kittens don't seem to show any interest in her other than the usual playfulness.

My questions are these:

Why is he spraying again?
How can I get him to stop?
What can I do about the smell? It's everywhere now. >.<

Also, he sprayed a leather coat... short of dry cleaning, does anyone know a way to get the smell out without ruining the coat?
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Because the kittens are old enough to mate and may have with each other already. Your neutered boy can smell and he is marking his territory.
The sooner they are fixed, the better it will be for you and the spraying, you dont want that to be a habit he forms after he has been neutered.

ETA the smell can be cleaned with an enzyme cleaner, like Natures Miracle. (you can get at the pet store or online) You will have to get a black light to see exactly where he has sprayed, though.

Im not sure about the leather jacket.
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I agree with Pam - they may well be coming into heat or full on in heat & you wouldn't know it. My Ophelia Rose was in heat when she got spayed - but it was a silent heat & she exhibited no signs. He's spraying as there are unaltered kitties in the house.
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I agree with what Pami posted. The younger cats may not display any signs of being in heat yet, but he is acting on his instinct.

Can you separate them until all the kittens are spayed/neutered?

A product called 'Urine-Off' worked great for me with that pungent 'tom-cat' scent. http://www.urineoff.com/

Use Feliway spray around the areas he sprayed after they are cleaned well.

A good dry cleaner may know how to help with the leather coat. Carpet cleaners may also have advice as they clean leather furniture.

When you take the others to the vet that might be a good time to ask his/her advice on the spraying.

Hoping peace returns for you all soon.
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