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Cats vs Pumpkins - gotta watch

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Wow!! That was amazing!! Thanks for posting the link! I never knew pumpkins would bring out the "kitten" in the big cats!!
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That was an awesome video! Thanks for posting. It totally made my day.

Pumpkins- great fun for cats of all sizes!
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That's fantastic! Turns the most ferocious predator into the biggest baby!
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Wow! A ball toy that is tasty, too!
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That was amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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Cute video. Who knew pumpkins could be that much fun?
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That has to be the first time i've seen big cats playing like our own cats do!
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Oh yeah, our cougar loves pumpkins He will throw them around a bit before picking it up, taking it to a corner of his enclosure and eating it. At our friends sanctuary, we give all the cats pumpkins too
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