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Grocery or budget minded foods that many would call premium

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I am asking for some help as many on here are trying to stretch food $$$ s ..

Please list brand , $$ and type of food and where you buy it

Merricks BG 6 oz is 1.09 for wet in feed store

Chicken soup is 6 oz is .99 cents in wet at feed and pet stores...

Friskies and Fancy feast $$ vary but both have some good no by product , no wet

9 lives has a couple also .. this and the above grocery and mass merchant

Brandon farms 99 cents to 1.29 for a 6oz.. found at many grocery and mass merchants
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i like Petsmart's Authority lamb & rice wet for a non-fish food. doesn't have any fish products at all. costs $0.61 for a 6 ounce can.
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Authority canned has no by-products either and seems to be a good buy for the money.
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Meow Mix pouches aren't too bad priced if I remember less than $5 for 12/3oz pouches?
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In Canada, Performatrin (from PetValu) canned is by-product and grain free from what I can tell. It's under a buck for a 5.5 oz can...and you can get a 13 oz can for $1.99.

I get Authority for under $0.90 a can and look for sales at Petsmart. They usually have one of their "premium" foods on sale at any given time. Nutro most often, but I got Blue Spa for under $0.90/can as well.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Meow Mix pouches aren't too bad priced if I remember less than $5 for 12/3oz pouches?
Depends on where you buy them. But PetSmart has great sales on the pouches several times a year. You can get them for 34 cents. The regular price is good also, about 45 cents. a pouch. Some stores sell them for between 60 cents and a you have to make sure you look around.

I too have gotten Authority brand lamb and my cats liked it. It is a good value also. I love PetSmart!

This is a nice thread! Thanks Sharky.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Meow Mix pouches aren't too bad priced if I remember less than $5 for 12/3oz pouches?
We had to cut them from our budget because even at Wal-Mart they went up in price by a lot. They are $4.87/12 pack now. Individually they are 46 cents or something like that. Very rarely have Petsmart prices been beating Wal-Mart either.

Watch the Petco sales for Friskies cans. I've been catching Friskies on sale somewhat regularly for 40 cents a can. Otherwise 44 cents at Wal-Mart and 46 cents at Petsmart(on sale).
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I've cut out coupons for $1.00 off a 12 pack, so that helps in the price. I'm a mega coupon cutter.
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I get most of my food from PetFoodDirect. They email me coupons a couple of times per week - anywhere from 10-22% off. I buy EVO 13oz cans for $1.66 prediscount.
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grocery store....

Best buy I got (and didn't realize just HOW good it was at the time) was when walmart decided to stop carrying newman's own organics cat food. They put them on clearance for 44 cents per 6oz can! I bought many, but should have bought all they had...

That said, regular for me:
petsmart- authority canned 60z cans for ~65 cents per can (but only the lamb is fish-free)

walmart- friskies canned 13oz cans ~70 cents a can (so would be 35 per 6.5 oz)! They only carry certain flavors in the large cans though. I get the "mixed grill" (fish free) and would get the "country style dinner" (also fish free) but haven't seen it.

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So some friskies are okay? Thats good to know. I try to steer clear of grocery brands, i felt bad about using the meow mix. Especially since they like the fishy kinds and I know that can be a probelm with uti's.
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I buy Wellness CORE and Wellness wet at a local feed store. I pay about $9 for a 8 lb bag I think and the wet is about $1.50 for a 6.5 oz can. Not really a great deal but its the highest quality I can get around here.
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Due to budget constraints around here, we've ALL had to cut back on what we are eating, myself included. I live on those individual packets of flavored oatmeal.

The cats are eating the Friskies Turkey and Giblets Classic pate, which I can get at Walmart for about $5 for the 12 can cube. They also eat the Mixed Grill, but I don't see the 12 can cube as frequently in the store or else I would buy it more often. For dry, right now, everyone is eating Purina Cat Chow. Surprisingly enough, everyone's coats are doing much better on this diet and I haven't had anyone throw up food since we switched over. The 8 pound bag is like $5 at my grocery store and it lasts me about 2 weeks feeding 8 cats. I use the Special Kitty Clumping litter at $5-something for the 28 pound box and that lasts me about a month for two litterboxes.
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I've been feeding Purina Naturals to my cats and just last week the vet commented on how well their coats look. They do seem to really like it too. I'm lucky one local WI grocery store chain carries tidy cat 40# clumping litter for $12!
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fifi- All of the friskies have "meat-by-products" as first ingredient (or close) but the ones I listed are the "pate" texture without any fish. I think there may be some of the shredded texture without fish, but I didn't check because mine won't eat those. The friskies "naturals" (75 cents a can here) have a real meat as first ingredient (but also contain by-products) but at least 3 of the flavors (beef, chicken, and turkey) don't have fish in them.

Also, forgot the meow mix "wholesome goodness"....only comes in small containers and is expensive...but no by-products. And at least the chicken (the kind I purchased) had no fish in it.

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It may not be quite the deal you guys are looking for but I just bought a canned food called Evolve that has pretty good ingredients (no corn, wheat, by-products etc.) and is $1.09 for a 5.5 oz. which for me is great. The only issue is on the website it lists the ingredient menadione but the can does not list it, I e-mailed the company to see what was up with that.
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