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The prince and his princess

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Rome and his bethroed, Cairo . Both still act the part of kittens, but I have noticed that Cairo is becoming much more vocal. Chirping, trilling and of course falling over in front of him and rolling around.

So far, he's playing hard to get. Cairo was purchased specifically for Rome, so eventually he better quit that.

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Awwwww but look how he has his tail wrapped around her
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And all poor Runner gets is the blue mousie. I see how you are.
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Awwww! Aren't they a gorgeous couple!
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WOW! What BEAUTIFUL cats you have!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!
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They're absolutely gorgeous together! I can't wait to see their eventual kittens.

Rome's colour and pattern is really spectacular. It's been interesting to see how much the breed has changed in the last few years
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How can they get up to mischief when Runner the chaperone is right there!?
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Awwww gorgeous!
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They are both beautiful but Rome is stunning! I love the tail draped over Cairo as if to say 'She's mine!'
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OMG! I absolutely LOVE ROME! He is spectacular, and his spots are nothing short of perfect!

Tell him that he HAS to make babies!!! Seriously though, when they have a litter please, please let us see the kittens.
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They are beautiful and they look so soft!

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