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Phoenix & Pyro are gone!

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They finally went home today!

I'm kinda sad it's those two my sister took - as I loved Rogue & Wolverine much more..... I also feel bad that I'm not broken up about them being gone like I have been when others went home. They're going to a good home....and they'll come to visit & I get to visit them. She was talking about how she got a water fountain...not just a drinkwell, but the platinum version. They have a wicker cat bed thingy (they're at least $50)....plus a ton of toys & cat tree already. She'll start them on the food I sent with her - then pick out something higher quality (it was Nutro kitten - which the little store between work/home for her doesn't carry). She's going to give them canned 2x a day, too!

It's nice not to have kittens in the house!

Poor guys - they've had such "tough" names....being the X-Cats & all.....and my sister is naming them after composers. Poor guys - they'll be sissy boys.
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I am glad they went to your sister.
I gave Midnight to my sister and still get to see him.
You will still see them.
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Aww, I'm so glad they found a great home! It sounds like they'll be spoiled rotten, which is how it should be
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LOL at being sissy boys ...
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