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Tzar's tummy hurts

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Our new Siberian kitten is twelve weeks old. We have noticed that he keeps getting diarrhea when he eats wet food. We have been giving the recommended tablespoon 3 times a day. Anyone have any thoughts?
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What kind of canned food is it? It's possible that there's something in that particular food that kitty has a hard time digesting, or maybe has an allergy to.

So what type is it?

Does kitty eat any dry food at all?
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Is it the same brand of food that he was getting at his previous home/breeder? A change in diet can give a cat, especially a kitten the runs
Also, do you have any pictures? I also have a Siberian and I love to see others.
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The canned food is EVO cat and kitten formula (Turkey and Chicken). He eats the same dry food brand for kittens. The cattery where we got him fed him the all natural diet. We are not going that route. Could this all be just because of the diet change? If so, how long should it all last? He does better just eating dry food but I know he needs the wet stuff. Thanks for the info guys.
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He is beautiful! I hope he feels better soon!
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The change in the food is most likely what is causing this. I am not sure how long it will be to clear it up though... Unless he is allergic to something, or has a sensitive stomach, his digestive system should go back to normal soon. My kitty took 1 -1/2 week to be completely well. Since I am going to be rotating brands, I now have learned that we need to transition them from the old food into the new: Every day you feed them a little less of the old food mixed with a little more of the new food, until you are feeding only the new food. This transition should take a week...
Good luck!
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I will try out mixing the old with the new and see if that helps transition him better. Thanks for all the info!
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It could take a week or two to clear up..... It might be something worth taking in a stool sample to the vet to be extra never know what's going on. Also - watch him closely as a cat with loose stools, especially a kitten, can get dehydrated quickly. It goes downhill rapidly from there sometimes - so be vigilant.

IMO - I might drop your vet a line to see if they can offer any advice. There are products like Forti-Flora my vet has given me to sprinkle on their food to help with loose stools.
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Tzar's tummy is all better now. The thing that really cleared it all up was putting a little pumpkin mixed in with his wet food. What a relief!
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