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Once a cat person...

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So my brother, who 3 years ago when we first got Freya swore he would not get a cat, just got a cat. He's been working 10 hour night shifts for a few months and is living on his own (no roommates) for the first time ever and it turns out he was getting horrendously lonely, since his schedule was opposite everyone else's. So he made the mistake of going into a shelter and was promptly adopted by a 6 month old tabby kitten. Now I just giggle as a listen to the guy who once told me my cats were crazy describing kitten-antics (he had her all of 5 minutes before she toppled a plant.) He adores her, though, and has the new routine of come home from 10-hour shift and play with kitten for an hour so than she'll sleep when he goes to bed.

My mom joked that she thought we had alot of cat toys around the house until she visitedhim and saw just how many things were jammed into a 1 bedroom condo. That is one spoiled little cat.

It's just so funny to listen to my big, gruff brother talk about his 'little girl'. I knew he'd end up with a cat th minute he had his own place.
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Cats do have an amazing way of converting people to the feline side of life. She sounds absolutely adorable.
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The gruffer they are, the more likely they are to succumb.
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Awww that sounds so sweet! I'm glad your brother now knows the joys of being owned by a little feline. Looks like his tabby girl has him wrapped around her paw now
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