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Which is your favorite of these types of cats?

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Which of these cats is your favorite? I like the Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat and Andean Mountain Cat. I have thought about getting a F1 or F2 Jungle Cat hybrid but have worried that they might not get along with the cats I already have.

Pampas Cat

European Wild Cat

Fishing Cat

Chinese Desert Cat

Jungle Cat

Andean Mountain Cat

Asian Golden Cat

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Boy, this is a tough one to decide, since I love all these wild cats. I chose the Asian Golden cat, my second is the fishing cats.
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I chose the European Wild Cat... but the Asian Golden Cat was a close second
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I can`t decide! Lemme have another look...

ok, I`m going for Andean Mountain Cat because it looks more like a Lemur.
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I had never seen an "Andean Mountain Cat." How big are they?
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They're all beautiful (the 1st oneis adorable!), but I chose the European Wild Cat--his face reminds me of Nixie, one of my Maine Coons (except that Nixie is prettier, and has more distinct markings).
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I like the Andean Mountain is so cute!!
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Wow, this was a tough one! Their all so beautiful. I have to go with the European Wild Cat though. The Andean Mountain cat is a little doll though!
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I chose the Pampas cat---love his short little legs!
The Andean Mt. cat was a really close second. They are both beautiful!
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I chose fishing cats, but really my favorite of the "small" cats is the Clouded Leopard.
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Oooh! This is so hard. I chose the Asian Golden Cat with the Andean Mountain Cat a really close second.
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Oh, they are all beautiful, but that little Pampas cat is just too cute with beautiful markings!
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brilliant and great my friend!...
Lovely pic´s!....
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They are all beautiful, but I still like tigers. Great pix.
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There's something about the fishing cats face that absolutely makes me melt
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It's really true that all cats are beautiful. But I chose the Andean Mountain Cat, with the Pampas Cat second -- probably because they're both kittens (I think), and I have no resistance to kittens whatsoever...
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I went with the Asian GoldenCat as well!
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I picked the fishing cat. I'd heard of them before but I didn't realize they are so pretty
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I chose the Pampas cat, very cute cats! But I will stick with owning domestic cats
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