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Sunday! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!

Sunny here today and about -4C so it's shaping up to be a nice day.

Nothing specific planned, have to finish wrapping a few Christmas gifts, and a couple of household chores but that is about it.

May go for a walk around town this afternoon and do some window shopping. I don't really need anything but you never know I might find something I just have to have.

Left-overs for dinner, the just TV for the evening...

The kitties are sitting in the window watching the blue jays,and the black squirrels bicker over who gets the bird feeder this morning.

Everyone have a great day
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Today is the perfect day to decorate the tree. It's raining with a bit of snow.
Relaxing other than that after a long night with the family.
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I'll be making some soap today. I'm a bit low on house supplies and need some for Christmas gifts. I also have to do groceries, and if the weather holds out, maybe I'll see about getting the Christmas lights up on the house. (I kind of forgot yesterday )

The cats curled up in the bed almost the same moment we vacated it today, so I think they've declared it a relaxing day.

Hope everyone has a good day.
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It is pretty windy outside today. I have to run a bunch of errands, have already cleaned up part of the house. Started putting up christmas decorations - yes, I decided that I have never NOT put them up, so I can't stop now no matter how much I don't feel the christmas spirit.

Other than that, I need to clean up my desk and do some bills.
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I actually have a schedule today! I am vegging until I go to salsa at 12:30. DH is driving me because after we are going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. Then we head to our favorite Judaica shop for the tons of Menorah candles we need. We had 12 and I made a new one this year, so, if we lite all of them every day, we would need 13 boxes of 48 candles. We don't light all of them every day, but we do on the first and last night. Last night is fire extinguisher city.

I forgot. The ones that DH's parents bought him when he was in college and wasn't home for Channukah takes birthday candles.
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Good afternoon

It's windy and rainy here again today so we're doing stuff inside. Cleaned up our room a bit, and are about to change the water in our 10 gal tank and hopefully get a betta fish to put in there again

We also have to take Nero to the vet for a 2 week check up after having a tapeworm and the snorts at 1:30. Then it's off to go grocery shopping, get some wrapping paper so I can ship out my SS gifts tomorrow, and then finish doing laundry. I think I'm going to cook Steak-ums sandwiches tonight for dinner.
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It's gloomy outside today and we have tornado warnings It just started raining. I'm studying for final exams and DBF is watching football. Sunny is watching the rain and the ferals are all curled up in their special places outside. It's a lazy day for us.
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I'm working this evening from 3:30 pm to 11:45 pm. Today is the last shift of my back-to-work program!

Unfortunately I'm buddied up with a nurse that could be a stalker in another life. She just doesn't seem to grasp that she is not to interfere with me and my patients. Yes she is buddied with me, but that's only so that if I need to go and take an extra break or leave early for some reason, I have someone to give the patients back to. She follows me around and second guesses me by going and reassessing the patients after I've already done it. I've told her for the past 3 evenings to just please leave me be and if I have any problems I'll be sure to let her know. And I've told her that I'm not a grad nurse, that I've been nursing for 14 years and know what I"m doing and the purpose of the back-to-work program is for me to integrate back into my job and she's not doing me any favours by going around and doing things in the assignment. But no...... she keeps stalking me!

Today being my last shift I've decided that she can keep her patients. I'm going to use the shift to look through 2 buckets of teaching papers that we give to our patients, as well as the stock room for where to find all the supplies (I can never find anything in there), and I need to look through a wall of shelves at all of the chart documents that we use because the other day I was looking for a form and spent 20 minutes hunting before I found it on the top shelf in the conference room.

Plus I'll help out with admissions and discharges or extra tasks as needed, but I'm not taking that girl's patients again.

The thing is that she graduated last year in the spring, and has been on the ward since May or June this year so she thinks she knows it all. So she can have her patients back!! Maybe I'll stalk her tonight!
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Hand-sewing an entire 18th C. outfit, authentically. We have an event to go to this Saturday; I have nothing done!

I have to make a polonaise dress, with a coordinating underskirt; stays (corset), a white, fine linen cap (all women must wear one, even under a straw hat), and a cloak (it's outdoors at night). All I have done is the fichu, or neckerchief (called a handerchief then).
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Today I went grocery shopping and am in the process of slow cooking some vegetarian chili!
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Well we are in a winter storm warning with only 4+ inches tonite but with very gusty winds (up to 30 mph). Guess I'll be snowblowing tomorrow morning!!

Anyhow I filled four containers and a dozen watering cans with evergreens, chicken wire wrapped my raspberry bed and some more roses. And put more stuff away in garden shed.

Got some SS presents done and working on other Christmas gifts later. Got all the seing stuff hauled into family room!.

Its recommended we take a winter picture of the vintage JD tractor with the lighting from his workshop so we are trying it out in a bit.
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