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Toby playing fetch

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Toby has a little furry mouse toy I got him and he's always carrying it around. He brought it into my room the other day and dropped it so I went out in the hallway and threw it down the stairs and he ran down and got it and brought it back up, dropped it and waited for me to throw it again. He must have done this at least twenty times. He's like a puppy. Anyone else have a cat that does this?
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It seems that at a certain age, almost all kittens/cats will fetch. Some do it for the rest of their lives; others get tired of it. Do a youtube search and you'll find a number of videos of cats fetching.
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My boy Ramses has a red shoe string that came out of a pair of UGLY chuck taylors that he fetches. He is actually quite obsessed with it. He has to have it draped across his food bowl while he eats.

My SO says he's strung out.
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Keeba does this all the time with some balls she has... I've made videos of her doing it!

Riley only does it with her fur mouse.
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Butzie doesn't fetch, but she plays with her toys when I am not looking. I came home 2 days in a row and found a little stuffed mouse not where I left it. I find all sorts of her toys out of place. She still wants me to play with her, though.
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Sunny does this all the time He has this wand with feathers that he loves to play with. I play with him for 1/2 hr to 45 mins at a time with it. I go and hide it and he goes and finds it and brings it to me(over, and over, and over again) When I can't play with him anymore (perhaps I have to fix dinner, leave for school or go to work) he gets his wand and puts the end without the feathers in his mouth and pushes it along the ground in front of him He looks so pathetic that I just have to play with him (even if it's just for 5 minutes)

He's a very smart kitty, he's got two full grown adults that cater to his every whim
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I fostered a sweet little calico last spring and she loved to play fetch! I was so fortunate to be able to find her a wonderful home so she did not have to go back to the shelter. I see her new "mommy" frequently and she still plays fetch everyday when she returns home from work!
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How cute!

Harley doesn't fetch, but she does play "catch" with me; I'll lay on the floor with her and she swats one of her favorite fuzzy mice at me, I send it back to her and she'll swat it back again. This goes on for quite a while.
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