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Vibes for tomorrow please

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Hey everyone,
I'm taking Arthur in in the morning (around 7:30am est) to get a feeding tube for him. They'll be poking a hole in his neck and sticking a tube down so we can get food into him. I've been feeling ok about it but this morning I woke up just about as nervous and stressed as a person can be. Im so worried about sedating him because he's underweight so I wanted to ask for all the good vibes/prayers ya'll can spare. Thank you so much
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I remember facing this decision. Its hard to put them under when they are ike this, but you are doing everything you can for him

thinking about you guys.

Let us know how it goes....
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Good luck and lots and lots of .I will keep Arthur in my prayers!
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I know how hard this is, but you are doing the best thing for Arthur. Once he is back home you will be very relieved and amazed at how well he does with the feeding tube.

How is he other than being very thin? Have you been getting enough down him so he is pooping? Is he vomiting at all?

I have been keeping you two in my thoughts, lots of coming for tomorrow morning.
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Thanks guys Well Arthur is home and alive so that's a good start. I just fed him a little while ago and he got up and went pee a few minutes ago. The drugs havent worn off much at all yet so he's not really awake. The vet said that he's worried it's something more than fatty liver disease because he's lost muscle as well as fat, but I figure starving people dont have great muscle tone so...
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I am so glad to read this report! It sounds like he is doing pretty well considering. Funny how having them go pee can be such a encouraging sign.

continued for that beautiful boy!
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Continued vibes for feeding and healing
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I'm glad to hear that Arthur's doing well. More blessings & good vibes are headed your way.
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Awww poor Arthur. I'm glad he's doing okay with the tube. Many vibes that he will soon get better
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Good thoughts and vibes your way. I hope it all goes well and he starts eating on his own soon
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