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Need help fast! 7 month old kittens puking and diarrhea

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My kittens are having very bad problems, it started the day before yesterday I noticed one of my cats had been throwing up i figured it was just a hairball.
I then seen both of them doing so, when I checked the litter box there was diarrhea.
My boy cat Dorian pukes up everything he ate right after he comes out of the litter box, when you look inside there is diarrhea, after he does that my girl cat Chii throws up as well.
I stopped feeding them food and it stopped.
They didn't throw up or have diarrhea all day long.

I am very worried!
My cats are INDOOR cats and about 5 days ago they got outside in our porch for a while I don't know if that could have anything to do with it, there are a few plants out there that are maintained by my apartment building and two weeks ago they decided to do some pest control spraying.

We thought it could be the food we were feeding them because we fed them one food since they were kittens, they were out of it at the store when we went to get it so we got another that we fed them along with the normal one before.
I got through a whole bag then this happened.

They are still their normal selves they are playful and friendly they are not acting "sick" unless they just threw up.

Any help would be appreciated.

Any ideas why or how i can help this would be appreciated!

We cannot bring them to a vet until monday if it is needed!
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okay The girl cat I thought I would add is not puking up food! only liquid unlike the boy who pukes up everything.

Me and my boyfriend also just noticed some globs of what looks like puked up couch filling! >_< Our couch couishions are filled with fluffy pillow cotton... is there anything that we can feed them that might help him (them) clear a potential blockage.

And if when they were outside if they came in contact with pesticides would they get sick after they sprayed a couple weeks ago and came in contact with it about 5 days ago would they be showing signs of sickness from that now or would it have appeared sooner?
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OH! And most important! Both of my kittens are up to date and have had all of their shots! They are also both neutered and spayed!
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Okay another note I just did the dehydration test with pulling their scruff between the shoulders like the mom picks them up and it went down fast. I also looked down both of their throats with a flashlight nothing there either!
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there's really nothing i can think of to help if they have a blockage - but as long as SOMETHING'S coming out, there's probably not one [at least, i would think...]
sounds like they're not dehydrated, anyway. you can also check by feeling their gums - sticky or tacky gums indicate dehydration, too.
sorry i can't be more help - i'd be watching carefully & calling the emergency vet if things worsened. could just be something about this bag of food - do you have anything else you could feed, to test this?
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There could be a lot of reasons for puking and diarrhea. Worms, parasitic invasions, sickness, toxic reaction, overfeeding, switching foods, stress--- if your cats are eating the couch cushions this is not good and you should really get them into the vet for an exam. Your vet is the one who can properly diagonose them since he can have a hands-on evaluation with them
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