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Food question: Juice

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OKay... so I stopped drinking orange juice at the start of 2008, because I thought I would do the whole 'eat right for your type' thing... the loss of orange juice is one of the few things that is still going. I have virtually lost interest... well, now, considering I have had three colds in as many months (and don't get me started about the mild pneumonia and other stuff), I have decided that I really should maybe start drinking it again.

One problem: I can't stand the bitterness of most of it. I know to stay away from the Florida's Natural stuff, it was way too bitter for me back when I drank orange juice religiously (that is one thing this has kicked me of, my NEED for the stuff). So, barring the stuff like Sunny D, anyone out there who drinks orange juice regularly have any suggestions? Sweet as possible, but natural. Real stuff. I can't handle the bitter stuff anymore. Too tart. Most Florida juice has been too tart for me.

Anyone out there who knows? Store brands are fine too... I love shopping at places like Trader Joes... Anyone?

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We like Tropicana juice; it is the best here by far. You can get a good price on it at Costco or during sales. But your best bet, IMO, is to eat oranges. Get whatever is plentiful and on sale; those are usually the best. Try taking some supplements, too, besides Vitamin C and zinc, take garlic since it is like a natural antibiotic. Hope you stay well.

BTW there are also some Tropicana blends that are 100% juice and very sweet and good.
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I like Simply Orange.
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I have Tropicana in the fridge right now that is not bitter at all.
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i don't drink juices - i prefer to eat my calories! but i do take a vitamin C supplement every day.
are you a milk drinker? they make some milks now w/added vitamin C...
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I just buy the frozen concentrate. I rarely drink it but DH does, with a shot of vodka in it.. I will drink it that way too on occasion
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A bit of TMI in this post

I've had Tropicana in the past... and love Simply Orange... I need the juice, but I'm still dealing with a lovely fungal infection in my mouth, which is irritating the corners of my mouth and wreaking havoc on my whole mouth. I am still doing meds for it, but it's being stubborn. Hence the sweetness request.

I would love to have oranges... but I am one of those people who has a hard time keeping fresh fruits around. They go bad long before I remember to eat them. I love pears, but they go bad too quickly... oranges too... I know i need to radically change my diet... I don't eat THAT many processed foods, compared to the average American, but I do eat enough of that stuff... and not enough fruits. one of my issues is that I'll get a prepack of fruits (even Whole Foods ones) and I find mold... I am freakish about it. Before I eat one berry or fruit, I check. I just got some a couple days ago at WF, sure enough, found a berry with mold. I was so PO'ed. (and I have found mold on non-prepacked veggies and stuff around here) Hopefully with this coming spring, I will be able to go to the local farmer's markets more (I have worked all weekend every weekend for essentially the past two years), and the larger ones here have more fruit. I know those are mold free. so, I rely on juice.

I guess I will get some tomorrow when I venture out of my sick-person-hovel and do a little grocery shopping. But first, some cold meds (with Codeine, thanks to the doctor), and sleep.

(I just had a Portland PD officer knock on my door. so strange. man, I need to get out of this neighborhood...)
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
I just buy the frozen concentrate. I rarely drink it but DH does, with a shot of vodka in it.. I will drink it that way too on occasion
mmmm... screwdrivers... can't do those anymore... me and vodka don't like each other!!

At my parent's house, they have a second full sized freezer... they do canning of fresh stuff from the yard. They do the frozen concentrate. I did also for a long time after I moved out... but chose to switch to bottles of the stuff... man, I love it!! I, however, have a tiny 13 cubic foot refrigerator (I'm a renter), with a tiny, packed freezer. And really, it's not full of ice cream. I rarely eat the stuff anymore!

I'll go tomorrow and see... I think it's a toss up between Tropicana and Just Orange. I like both, but can't remember which one is sweeter.

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Hrm well as we're not in the same country i can't really suggest anything. But i am quite a regular orange juice drinker, and even the ones i buy without added sugar are really quite nice.

I say just keep trying different brands till you find the one you like.

Another that is sweeter is blood orange.
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Why not just take Vitamin C and Zinc pills?
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
I just buy the frozen concentrate. I rarely drink it but DH does, with a shot of vodka in it.. I will drink it that way too on occasion
The vodka does take away the bitterness, doesn't it?

I eat bananas and berries with my cereal in the morning. I would rather eat an orange later in the day than drink the juice. It is more filling.
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A good tip for orange juice is to buy stuff that is free from concentrate. With concentrate (unless it states otherwise), they tend to use the whole orange, including the skin to make the juice and this can add to the tartness. Whereas, if you buy juice which states that it is free from concentrate or is 100% from juice, it tends to have a sweeter, smoother taste without having any sugar added.

I am with you on the pre-packed fruit issue. I hate finding mould etc on fruit. I don't buy prepacked, instead I shop at stores that allow me to pick my own. I prefer to cut the fruit before I eat it too - it lasts longer and somehow, feels more satisfying.
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The vodka would probably kill a fungus, too!

I'm no big fan of orange juice. I think it's way too expensive in small containers, and I get tired of it before I finish a big container.

Did you know that at certain times of the year, when a tanker leaves the juice plant full of orange juice, they don't know their destination? As they go north, the broker watches the price of juice, concentrate, and sugar, and whichever will pay the most for the load is who gets it. Orange juice concentrate, as it's shipped, is not far from being sugar, so it just takes a little more refining to be turned into sugar.
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We drink Tropicana and nothing else Not bitter at all!
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Another vote for just taking a vitamin C tablet a day, or if you really want to go the juice route and dislike the taste of Orange juice try pineapple juice it doesn't have as much Vitamin C but it does have a couple of Amino Acids that help boost your immune system. Plus it tastes a lot better.
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If you go with the Tropicana (which is a favourite in our house, as well) you can get a low-acid version which might not be as hard on your mouth. I second the poster who mentioned just getting vitamin C tablets, though, if you're not terribly fond of the taste of orange juice.
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I hate being the person to shoot things down... I have C tablets. Right now, after my mildly traumatic incident with one of my antibiotic pills after getting out of the hospital, I cannot small any larger pills... and most vitamins are considerably large. I found some chewable Vitamin C tablets at Trader Joes... and they have to be close on the scale of nastiness to antibiotics. After my pill incident, I was switched to liquid and chewable antibiotics (man, I am so glad those are done), so I tend to prefer liquids or chewy things... hence returning to juice. I can keep drinking juice all day, if I want to...

Off to the store in a few minutes... I may get a container of both Tropicana and Just Orange... try them side by side, really. and then take note of which one I prefer for sweetness.

Thank you everyone... this has been helpful... I'll post my 'findings' after I've tested them both...

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Originally Posted by RubSluts'Mommy View Post
I found some chewable Vitamin C tablets at Trader Joes... and they have to be close on the scale of nastiness to antibiotics.

chewable C varies quite widely in taste from brand to brand. the one i like best is Nature's Bounty - i get mine at Drug Emporium... the bottle on the website looks different from mine, but i'm assuming it would taste the same...
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If you're interested, IMO, blueberry or pomagranate juice have more antioidants than orange juice. I never get sick. When I do feel a cold or sickness coming on, I immediately eat or drink anything blueberry or pomagranate, or eat raw baby spinach salad, and the symptoms go away. Not kidding.
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I usually buy the tropicana in the jug with lots of pulp and vitamin D and calcium.
Remember us northern climate dwellers need to supplement our diets with Vitamin D if you are not getting 15-20 min of sunshine!!

Have you tried orange pineapple juice??
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15-20 minutes of sunshine? That's the whole month of February up there, isn't it?
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
15-20 minutes of sunshine? That's the whole month of February up there, isn't it?
Hmmm.... sunshine? in February? Where did you hear that?
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Fresh squeezed is best, but Simply Orange is good too.
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A lot of fruit juices are too strong for me also [apple, grape or cranberry for example]. I just cut them with about a third of the glass volume with cold water and if it's still too tart I sprinkle in some Splenda. Works great for me!
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Well, I did my taste test... the way my mouth is right now, many of my taste buds fried from the infection, I think Tropicana is the winner... for now. Simply Orange wasn't bad though... but Tropicana was slightly sweeter. I'll drink both, since i have them...

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I'm drinking Simply Orange right now I never buy juice (I'd rather eat my calories than drink them) but my mom bought some when she was here visiting so I'm finishing it up. It's very good.
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