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Help with Cat

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I have a cat named Momo. Momo is about 2 years old.. i noticed when i came home from work today he was irritated, but i thought it was normal just because he's always snarling when other cats go near him. When i went to pet him he almost bit me, so i picked him up and i started rubbing his belly and i noticed he had a lot of liquids on his bum.. anyhow, he started leaving big droppings all over the place along with what looked like the vomit, but i know wasn't... then just recently his bum started to bleed.. i just want to know what can i do for him should i bring him to the vet. We just gave him a bath to sooth him.

P.s i may have post this in the wrong forum.
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Definitely take him to a vet. This is not normal. If your vet doesn' have evening/weekend hours, take him to an ER.
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There aren't any Emergency Vets that i can find, i'm looking in the yellow pages and online, and all of them say they close before 4pm on weekends, im really scared now.
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If u call those vets ...there will be a recording telling you if they have after care hrs.....
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really? i know there is an emergency but it's out of the city and i dont have a car to take him all the way there or god knows i would.
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In my town the one animal hospital has a vet on call for MOntreal u must beable to find an after care vet
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I'm calling but everywhere i call it asks me to leave a message or call after a certain time. I'm getting really frustrated and nervous.. Right now he's napping on a blanket on my bed.
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Did u leave any messages ? The one I call in my town has an answering service ...and the vet will call you back ?
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There must be an emergency vet somewhere in your area. Do you have a friend with a car that could drive you? Your kitty really, really needs to be seen. I'm wondering if his anal glands have burst. He could get a very serious infection. Please let us know what is happening.
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i left a few messages at different vets. Still waiting on a call. I dont have anyone that i could call at this hour that can drive me. If i have to i will take a taxi.. i just want it to be closer than an hour away.. I'm doing my best.
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I actually googled it and there are some there ....but its all in french ..but I can see it says 24 hr emergency care...other than that I can't read french
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Where? can u post up the link please
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I know your doing your best..........If u can't find one open 24 hr you will just have to take your cat in the am
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i'm going to have to get my mother to bring him i cant take days off work, my boss is really anal as much as i want to.. god it scares me to leave my baby up to anyone.. i hope i can find one tonight, i'd prefer to be with him, i helped bring him into this world, i'd like to keep him safe in this world.. i don't know why but everytime something happens to my cats i get more nervous then if something were to happen to me..
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I know the feeling.....But in the end it usually turns out long as he is seen by a vet.....Any luck finding one...?

What about this one ?
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Just wondering how Momo is doing today ?
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How is Momo??
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Any update on Momo?
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