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I bought my wedding dress!

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Not the original I was planning on buying but I am super excited!

Trav's sister, Jen and I went to David's Bridal in Altoona this last night. They were having a cake testing and stuff like that. The dress I originally wanted was in the window and I was in heaven just looking at it. I wanted to put it on again so bad and I found out it was $200 off. The girl came up and showed us the clearance section and said it was only until today. So I walked over and the first dress I grabbed, I knew I HAD to try it on. It was GORGEOUS! The second I put it on, I knew. I was so comfortable and I felt so beautiful! I have pictures of me in it but I won't post them here since Travis would see. The best part of my story is that it was originally $699 on sale for $599 and ANOTHER 50% off so I bought my wedding dress for $300!! WHAT A STEAL! I skipped on the bra and slip and veil since I am going to borrow my sisters. I am sooo excited! I went in not even planning on trying on dresses and ended up walking out with the dress of my dreams!

PM if you wanna see it off the website since Travis is nosy and would see it!
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Ahhh! I want to see!
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Awww Congratulations on the dress! I want to see it, too.
I was laughing about Travis, just make sure he doesnt create a name and PM you for a pic, too
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Awww Congratulations on the dress! I want to see it, too.
I was laughing about Travis, just make sure he doesnt create a name and PM you for a pic, too
I saw, and it is a very pretty dress!
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Congrats on finding your dress! That does sound like a great deal! I would love to see it too!
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How great
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WOW that is a beautiful dress!! Awww you are going to be a gorgeous bride. The appliqué is beautiful and I love the chapel train.
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That's a gorgeous dress! You're going to look beautiful in it That's so exciting, I can't wait to go dress shopping!
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Thanks so much for the kind words guys! I am so excited and all I want to do is put it in and lounge
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I want to see it!

I'm glad you had good luck at David's Bridal - we went there and the customer service was horrible I was surprised since I've been there before and had good people helping me.

I can't wait to see it! Getting your dress is so exciting!
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I gotta ask since you mentioned Altoona--ever heard of Ellwood City?

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Yes, I wanna see!!! Isn't it amazing that you know the "perfect" dress as soon as you put it on? I never believed that but that's what happened to me. Sounds like you got a great deal too!
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That is so funny that the dress you really thought you wanted was not the one. I had picked out the dress "I had to Have" tried it on and it looked like crap. My sister was getting married a month before me and we went to narrow down her choices and I tried on one of her castoffs, that turned out to be the one. Marriage didn't work out for me, but my sister is still happily married. Congrats on dress and how wonderful that you got a bargain on top of it!!
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It's weird how the dress you think you want isn't always what you end up with. We took my friend and bride-to-be dress shopping last weekend and though she had a fairly firm idea of her perfect dress, she ended up with something different!

We're going to another shop or two this weekend just so she has options... she's a larger girl (like me!) so finding a dress in a size close enough that she can try it out isn't always easy.

Weirdest part is we found out she looks AMAZING in... gold! A gold wedding dress! She was completely against anything not white in 'planning'.
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