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Typical worried kitty mum? (health check) - long post

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Well, Charlie hadn't been to the vet since not long after Jasmine passed, so at least 16 months ago. As he became an indoor kitty when that happened, we changed him onto premium dried food (even though he had no problem with the cheaper brands), started learning to trim his claws, groom him properly etc (he's always been looked after but being outdoors obviousely he could looks after his claws and be more active). In this house we've been in 10 months now, they previous owners had no pets so there were also no more fleas to worry about.

Anyway, i saw a couple of brown spots on his nose only over the last couple of weeks, and he was having a little nasal discharge which was dark, but his nose wasn't runny. I was absolutely freaking out, and yesterday we took him to a new vet which runs a support program with the animal aid i used to work in, and they also do surgery on rescued animals AND are only one of 30 clinics to be named 'hospital of excellence' in Australia. Ok now i'm bragging, because i had a list of 4 vets to call in my area and see who was best. I didn't even bother calling the other 3!

Anyway, the spots actually rubbed away a little when the vet cleaned his nose, so then he had a little red spot which actually just looked like a little scratch, he said it could POSSIBLY be a pre-curser of a cancer, but not a definite. His ears also were a tiny bit scabby, but i thought since he came indoors and had no more horrible fights outside that the scratches he had just healed slower. It could possibly be a pre-curser of a carcenoma. Atm i can barely see anything on his nose now btw.

At this point i was freaking out alot. Though the word possibly is better than definitely... So i took photos of his nose and ears last night so that i can monitor him over the next month or two. if anything does change, i can get a punch biopsy done, and get the spots on his nose frozen off. If it is a positive on his ears, then they have to remove the tips. Only a 'what if'. At this point it is very, very early. The doc said if we had kept him outdoors he definitely would've become sick, being pure white with pink bits and all, it seems i did a good thing by taking notice.

Even if the spots don't change, we can still get them frozen to kill off the cells. He told me worst case scenario, even though it was most likely not a possibility, to get the end of his nose cut off. *major freaking out* Two of our previous cats actually did get these cancers and their top lips were eaten away, it was horrifying.

So on the more happier side, he is in excellent physical shape/weight for his age. His heart murmur isn't even a definite (the last vet said he had one, but gave us no more details!), the discharge is normal, and i even learned how to clean his ears (finally!) though it isn't needed.

God i still feel like a bad mother for some reason.
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Good Luck - let us know the outcome!!! It looks to me that even if it is cancer (worst case scenario), you caught it very soon, and he will be fine...

Crossing fingers and sending vibes!
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So, any updates on Charlie?
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