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My Kitties

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Hey! Thought I would share some photos of two of my Kitties, Ziggy and Mow.
Here is baby Ziggy the first night I had him:

Playing with paper

Planning his next attack

My sleepy Mow

Trying to get those fishies

Why can't I catch them?

Lap Kitty
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Awwwwww so cute so cute!!!!!!!!!
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Adorable kitties!
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Oh they are simply adorable!!
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Awww, they are both gorgeous
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Thank you!! They are my babies
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Awww they are both are precious
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So cute! Had to share my sleepy Maia compared to sleepy Mow!
Originally Posted by KClark View Post
My sleepy Mow

I did a double take!
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Very cute kitties!
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OMG they are so beautiful. I am straight up in love with Ziggy
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