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I Have more pictures!!!!!

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I got a package from gurlpower
A really cute catnip pouch! I had 3 cat fighting over it at one time!
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That was Cloud Dancer here is Grayski!
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And she sent me two sets of chopsticks!
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How nice that is. I know Gurlpower lives over-seas, I dont remember exactly where. What a pleasent suprize. I just bought Binks something like that, Its a refillable catnip squriel. After she "killed it" , she started licking it and rubing her face with it. I think she is in love!
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Wow those chop sticks are awesome! Some day I'll have to go back to Nova and buy myself some from all the asian shops down there.

I guess my migrain is taking a hold of me, that first picture looked like a beaver to me, until I studied it for a while.
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Hope you like the chopsticks, Sherral. It is very lightweight and easy to use.

i am not sure whether you use chopsticks or not? Just for fun, i thought i would give you a human present... Hope you will practice using them! :

The catnip pouch i got for your furbabies is similar to the ones i got for my babies, but of different color.... looks like your kitties might enjoy it.. whew! Hehe!

Tamara, actually, i live in San Francisco, California, USA.

i was BORN in Singapore - a small country which is 100% urban and very clean. Singapore is a small country, on an island, in South East Asia. It used to be a British colony. In a lot of ways, we follow the British system - English language, transportation and education systems, etc. Many Singaporeans i know speak with a thick British accent. i speak with a California/Asian accent...

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Thanks for straightening me out Gurl power. That is very interesting to me. I like learning about other places. I remember now, its your neices that are in Singapore.(i think?) I have a midwestern accent, Its sounds like this," Hens have 2 laags(legs) and lay aaags(eggs)."
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How cute your accent is, Binkyhoo!

Actually, i have FOUR nieces - i adore them all. i got the name 'GurlPower' from my nieces.

When they send me a group card, they will include the 'GurlPower' signature, and i thought it was pretty original.


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You always have the cutest pictures to share!! I love looking at them!
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Awwwwwww Neat Pressies Sam
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