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Whats wrong with Goof?

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What is wrong with my Goofy? Okay... heres how it goes...

Goofy is less than a year old. She now lives at my boyfriends house since my big cat wouldn't leave her alone. Anyhow, she has been living there for awhile now and has been fine.. until a few days ago.

When my boyfriend came home, she was in the kitchen window, which is a no since the screens are loose and if she pushed on it she could fall out. My boyfriend didn't say anything, because she jumped down right away, knocking down a stereo speaker that we have set on the window. She took off and hid under the bed. When I got to his house later, she didn't greet me at the door, which is very unusual.. shes usually meowing before you can get the key out of the door. So I asked where she was, and Jay said she was behind the bed.. and that's where I found her, on her little bed behind Jay's bed. When I reached down to pet her, she cowered. I pet her and she started to purr and got comfortable with me again. She stood up to rub, but it seemed like it hurt, so she sat down. I eventually was able to pick her up and carry her into the other room. She cowered when my boyfriend went to pet her, probably because she was afraid she was in trouble for being in the window. But when I set her down next to us, she walked and laid down. She didnt want to walk or move. Could she be hurt? She's not going to die, is she? I had a cat act like that once before she died.. but Goof isn't even a year old yet! Please help! I don't want to take her to the vet if she is fine.. could she just be afraid of getting in trouble? Please help!
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Take Goof to a veterinarian ASAP!!!

Goof may have a serious illness like Feline Leukemia. If she had contracted this disease before you had her vaccinated, she would still be infected.

I have fostered may cats over the years and have had some die from this terrible disease. Their behavior when sick was much like Goof's.

Please don't wait go to a vet today!!!

Good Luck

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You should take her to the vet since she may have gotten hurt in the jump. Also, a loud noise like the speaker falling could have scared the pants off of her. They do not like loud noises and she could be very spooked about the whole thing. Has she shown any improvment since this happened?
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Goof has been tested and vaccinated for feline lukemia, so I know its not that. She has been gradually getting more playful, and last night she was as playful as ever, but she is still skirmish when you go near her to pick her up. Could she be afraid that we are going to punish her?
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It sounds like she had just gotten spooked from the whole ordeal. Unless you punish,hit or yell at her, it is not directed at you. It is a response from the noise and incident.
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