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Question about bringing cat ....

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First off: Asking this question on behalf of my sister-in-law.....

She has recently broken up with her boyfriend after a year and a half, and they had two cats. One that he had prior to the relationship, and then the one they got while in the relationship. As the relationship disintegrated, she left him(), and took the cat with her. Now I can only assume that the cat was socialized as much as it was possible. She's now living at my in laws (her parents place) with the cat. (inlaws are fine with it and love the cat-tin). The only thing is that the cat refuses to leave the room, and doesn't really 'socialize' well with the parents.... its been about 2-3 weeks, and they were wondering (as well as she was) what she can do to help socialize the cat better (other than the obvious answer of.... time)....

Any help would be appreciated.... CHEERS
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They can go into the room to give her some love... they can pet her, give her treats, and talk to her.... Once she sees them regularly, she will start to trust her surroundings and will go out to explore... Leave the door open, and try to have the in-law go visit often - that should help...
Good Luck!
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Good advice above!!! They might try using a feather teaser toy and visiting the cat when the daughter is in the room. The cat is probably grieving for her broken family and misses her playmate.
Sending prayers and vibes out to your SIL & her cat Thank God that she had her folks to turn to, and that they welcomed her cat
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Maybe the parents could go in the room and just sit quietly in there for a while. Because if they went up to the kitty and tried to pet him, he may get upset if he's still feeling uneasy. But I was thinking maybe if the parents stay in the room for a while, the cat will see that they are "safe" people and are okay. Eventually he may go up to them for a nudge and a "pet me!" face. hehe Good luck to your sister in-law!
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