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Mother's Day prezzies

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I wanted to get Sam something nice, since its her first Mother's Day. There were some ads, in the paper for heart-shaped mother-and-child pendants but, they were SO-OOO expensive. Anyhow, I had to go to Target, so I browsed the jewelry counter and found a heart-shaped locket, with a mother and baby on it. I hope that she likes it. They had another one, with a kitty on it - I'll have to take Bill shopping at Target and casually bring it to his attention.

At the Big Lots store, I found perfect cards, for Mom and Sam and at another store, I got a cute plaque, for Mom. Its a beagle's head, with a "Welcome" sign hanging below. He'll look cute, on her door. I have one, with Dalmatians, on my front door.

Now, that I'm finished with Mother's Day, I have to find THREE Father's Day presents: my dad, Bill and Mark.
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Awww.. it's sweet of you to pick up something for Sam on her first mom's day. Very thoughtful.

I wish I could think of something to get my mom... my sister and I bought her a mother's ring last year... or was it the year before? Anyway, I'm coming up blank this year and mother's day is soon! Eep!
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I'm making my mom a mactching bracelet and necklace set. I was hoping to give her a kitten but she said she doesn't want one
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A first mothers day should be special. Im sure she is going to like the gifts. I have been getting my Mom a diferent perenial plant each year for her yard for the last 2 years. She enjoys that, It blooms all summer and comes back again the next year.
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I used to buy Mom earrings but, since her stroke, she's let her ears close up. Anything with a bird, dog or angel on it is god for her, to. She collects Seraphim Angels but those sre WAY outside of my budget. Fortunately, she likes silly knickknacks. (Of course, SHE doesn't have to dust, any more.)

I'm getting Bill a die-cast UH-1 helicopter, for Father's Day. He was a door gunner, in Vietnam and that's what he flew on. My dad will, probably get chocolate and I've found a "Mr. New Dad" T-shirt, for Mark.
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This makes me wonder what I'm going to get my Mom for Mothers Day. Last year I got her a necklace (found out later, she's never been a fan of necklaces! ). The year before I bought her a Mothers Ring and you woulda thought I gave her a Million bucks! Her cried like a baby for a 1/2 hour and treasures it more than her wedding rings.

So..I'm kind of at a loss at what to get her this year. I won't be buying her a necklace and she's got lots of rings already. She doesn't wear earring very often and she's got so many clothes.

What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions?
Here's a pic of what her ring kind of looks like. It of course has different names and gems on it. It cost a fortune too! It was almost $200! But...she's worth every penny!
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oops..forgot the pic!
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For my Mom, that would have to read "continued on next ring". She's got 4 kids, 9 grandkids and three great-grandkids. Knowing Mom, she'd want the dogs on there, too.
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Mom is getting a night out with me. I am taking mom and dad to dinner at a restaurant of their choice and to see Chris DeBurgh in Concert. That will cover Dad's retirement gift as well.
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Hmm... my mom asked for pasta pots. Can't get much more simpler than that.
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I still have my ring that hubby got me last year on..it has all of the kids birthstones on it....
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OMG!!!! Sorry if I am sappy here....but this is so sad yet sweet to me. Shell...the ring is beautiful....Cindy...that you want to make your daughter-in-laws first mothers day so special for her just makes me cry...you are my idea of a perfect mother-in-law....wow....I would kill to have a MIL like you!!!!!!

Mothers day has sucked for me since I was 21. (I am 37 now) When I was 21 was when my mom lost her mind and was gone from me...and also since I had no children of my own I really hated mothers day.

This will be my first ever mothers day as a mother...and the only mothers day for years and years that has felt somewhat good....but do you want to bet that anyone but me (not counting you guys) will realize that or acknowledge me in any way on mother's day?

But that's okay. When Amber is older...she will.
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I'm buying my mother a plane ticket out here to California to visit me. She has never been to the bay area, and we've only seen eachother once in two years so its a VERY EXCITING thing. She doesn't even know yet, but I do know that she has 1 week + of vacation time coming her way. WEEEEE
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Good question. She'll have just returned from vacation of 3 weeks, maybe I'll get a maid to sqeaky clean the house before she gets here. I do an ok job, but she a fanatic!! and she'll just clean it again, like a crazy lady.........crazy cat lady
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