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It's been a while!

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Well 7 months actually hehe. I moved back in April, they took forever to connect my net, then my computer died (was very painful lol) and then I just got busy settling the cats and sorting out alot of stuff! So how have you all been???
The cats I kept in for 6 weeks then used harnessess for a little while each day, they settled really well thankfully. I have been working my butt off so bit exhausted. My daughter just bought a house down in Kent, so wants us to move again nearer her

I have sorted out going back to study, and am starting my degree in Psychology in spring and...not only am I going back to study, I could be (fingers crossed) pregnant too yes I'm going to be one of the older mums, but i'm still in my 30's so i'm not too exhausted yet lol. I'm going to test next week...so been a busy time but thought I'd come by and say hello now I have a new computer, hope you are all well and your babies are fine xx
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So glad you're back and congrats on being a mommy!
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welcome back!
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Hi... I don't know you, but.... Welcome back, and congrats on going back to school!!! I think this is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Keep everybody up to date on the pregnancy test!
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