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They broke their fountain!

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I bought a Drinkwell for Griffin & Bastian's birthday this year, and all the cats loved it. On Wednesday, we came home from work to find water all over the floor and a dead fountain.

As best we can tell, this is what happened: There was also a cat bed sitting on the floor a few feet away from the fountain. It looks like the cats somehow managed to flip this bed over, and the bed fell into the fountain. The water then ran over the bed onto the floor, creating the flood. The fountain continued to pump all the water through until it ran dry, and then the pump apparently burned out. We found the saturated cat bed on the floor next to the fountain, so the weight of the water must've caused it to flip back onto the floor...

SO our Drinkwell bit the dust!
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That is a more creative way to break a fountain. They must have been busy.
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Take it back to petco, or wherever you got it and tell them the pumped stopped working.

This is a VERY common problem WITHOUT the kittties' help. So it shouldn't be a problem. We have returned two to our petco.

Until I figure out how to make my own, I a certian we will just keep having to do this...

Good luck! Silly kitties!
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Sorry for laughing, but the kitties in your siggie are just too cute to have done something like that!
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