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Saturday! What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

It's a little snowy again here this morning but not very cold. Guess we are suppose to get snow for at least a few more days.

I am off to Walmart a little later to do a bit of shopping, then to pet store, and drugstore. I only have a couple of things to get for the kitties and my shopping for this year is done.

My brother is having a small get together this evening that I may attend or I may just grab a movie depends on the mood I am in later.

The kitties are good this morning, sitting in the window supervising the neighbor shoveling his driveway..

Everyone have a good one
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Good morning

Rob and I are about to go to the store and pick up some eggs, bacon, etc for breakfast. It's rainy and miserable so there's not too much to do today. We might go down to where he works to finish a side job inside. Then we'll probably go to RoomStore to look at the dining room table set that I like. We are STILL spending even though Black Friday is over

Then tonight is date night, and we'll probably watch one of the Dirty Harry movies.
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We're going to Ikea! Got my eye on a few things. My god, getting my DH to take me there is worse than pulling teeth. I've been waiting a month now, so there's no way he's getting out of it, especially as it's stopped snowing and will be a good drive.
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I've just been outside in the summerhouse for an hour putting up Christmas lights. Gee, it's so cold out there my fingers went numb. It's only 3.30 in the afternoon and already the frost is forming on the grass!

Might be walking into town for a drink and then onto the Indian restaurant for a meal later. If we're especially favoured, daughter might come with us.
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I haven't looked at the temperature for today, but it doesn't look that bad. Probably the same as it was yesterday. A bit below freezing but not enough for a winter jacket yet.

I have to work this evening again. This is my second to last shift on my back to work program. I can't wait for it to end!

I got up to feed Chynna her wet food. She can be quite persistent in the "love bug" department when she wants her breakfast. My cupboards are bare and I have nothing to take for dinner tonight, and I refuse to pay another $12 for one cafeteria meal! So I'm heading off to Safeway to get some food, and I'll finish off my grocery shopping on Tuesday before going to the Dentist, because it's 10% off day.

I'm just waiting for my pain medication to kick in. Usually my back holds up for my shift, but yesterday I had to run out and run errands at 8 am and didn't get home in time to lay down before work and I had a busy shift. So I over did it and I'm paying for it today. But it will take more than back pain to get me to miss a back to work shift! I'm afraid that if I do they will end up extending it and there is no way that I'm going to allow that to happen!

Have a good day everyone!
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Good morning.

It's kind of a blah day here and no one can get motivated around here. Well, Cotton was very motivated to go sleep on the furnace grate the moment he heard the furnace come on, but that's about it.

We may pop out to run some errands or matbe put up the Christmas lights, since it's not too cold today. My parents are stopping by for tea sometime this afternoon once they finish Christmas shopping, so I don't want to go too far since we don't know when they'll be getting here.
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Good morning!

It's bright and sunny here, and I'm sure it's cold, but I haven't stuck my nose outside yet!

Today I'm going to see how much I can get done for Christmas. I'm making tons of the gifts, so I really need to buckle down and get a lot of that done. I'm also planning on cooking up the first batches of the yummy fudge that I give away as gifts.
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Currently waiting for butter to soften so I can make chocolate chip cookies. My hubby is helping with moving a church member to their new home and will stop at the store to pick up more cookie ingredients. If he gets back in time, I'll make another cookie recipe - if not, maybe will make them tomorrow.

And later today will be calling Jack's breeder and getting updates
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*groans* we went out with friends last night, and wound up getting in bed this morning about the time I usually get up, somewhere around 4 a.m.......I just got up and am still slightly groggy,lol!

Must clean the kitchen and the litterboxes today, then maybe decorate the tree, since I didn't yesterday....sigh! If I don't get it decorated this weekend, it probably won't get there, and will remain with only garland until Christmas!
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I actually got all my Christmas cards addressed this morning (woohoo!). I have to write up the annual letter this afternoon.

Pulled out my meager decorations yesterday and am going to attempt to decorate some of the house today. We don't do a tree because of all the critters, but I at least like to have some cheery things around the house.

Lastly, I have to make a bunch of gifts for all the family/friend's pets and get those ready to ship on Monday.

And oh, eat some leftover turkey sandwiches!
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Well, I am going to Michael's this morning to pick up a Fiskers paper cutter before salsa at noon. It is on sale for $30 down from $80. Plus, I have a 20% coupon that is good for any item before noon.

After salsa, I am going back to Michael's because I have a 50% off coupon on any regular price item.

I am going to Michael's because this afternoon I am going to finish the scrapbook that I started yesterday. It is for the non-picture things from Jenny's Bat Mitzvah when she was 13. She'll be 22 in December.

I am also going to pick up things to make a Menorah that I saw in Martha Stewart's holiday issue.
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What are my plans? I guess I am doing it right now. Hi all.
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I have been extremely busy today!! I was priming the walls downstairs and getting them ready to paint and I have been cleaning, baking and cooking all day because tomorrow we are actually having thanksgiving dinner with my side of the family, since we were not all able to get together on thanksgiving day! So I have been busy, busy! And still going!!
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Well I ordered some stuff online from Barnes & Noble (had a coupon!!).

Then cancelled the credit card-no activity from Sat when I used it last except when Neil got gas. Knowing me, I'll probably find it now.

Then filled some containers with evergreen for my corporate client and did some Christmas shopping.

Hauled my sewing machine down to family room to work on some project tomorrow. Played a bit of bowling on my Wii.

A quasi-useless day!! Got to do my winter containers tomorrow and of course its supposed to snow and be really windy-should have done today.
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I had such a lazy low key Saturday hanging around the house with hubby and animals.
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