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Good Vibes Please

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Well Molly had her surgery today. She had a lot of dead tissue that needed to be removed. The vet said he was not 100% sure it was from her anal gland, but it did not look good. He believes he got it all out and put in two drainage tubes that need to be removed Tuesday and stitches removed in 12 days. She is on two antibiotics and a pain killer.

She's sitting here watching TV with me and seems alert, meowing, eating drinking and purring. I just feel so guilty for not catching it earlier. I've been crying for the last three hours. She's an older kitty and need vibes to send her through a good recovery.
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Sending prayers and positive vibes for you and Molly. Sounds like she's doing good and I'm sure she's happy to be home with you :-)

My old CRF kitty BeeJoo developed an anal gland abscess years ago (when I had her). To be honest, I knew nothing about anal glands in cats until her. I felt awful when I noticed one side of that 'area' was so swollen and tender. She had it surgically drained and a drain was put in, and I felt so bad for her, was concerned how she'd manage when she had to have a poop (she had a real problem w/ constipation to begin with) but she did okay. Just keep an eye on whether she does poop, you don't want her to hold it in because of discomfort or she'll get quite constipated/uncomfortable. I know with BeeJoo, after she did go, I'd take a nice warm clean wash cloth and sort of pat the area. It was actually very mild warm saline water that I used but I'm sure your Vet gave you good instructions on how to care for her.

She'll probably feel a little more sore tomorrow? I've always found that cats are more "off" the day after surgery, they keep to themselves more.

Let us know how you're both doing.

Did the Vet send off any of the tissue to be analyzed?
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I don't think they sent any off the be analyzed, but they did draw some blood for blood work.

I'm trying to to get her too excited because she keep wagging her tail and I'm worried she'll rip her stitches! I was told just to dab at the small incision where the tubes were but in with water and hydrogen peroxide one to two times a day. The area with the large surgical incision is oozing just a bit of blood, but common sense it telling me not to get anywhere near there.

I'm expecting a rough day with her tomorrow, and unfortunately I'm leaving back to college because my break is over, so I've been showing my parents how to give her medicine. I'm thinking about missing a week and taking care of her, but my cats at my apartment need me as well.
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