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Bed Mites

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I've have a problem that is slightly embarrashing, although I've heard this is an epidemic now.

I've always bought new mattresses, but now somehow I have mites that are attacking me - mornings I wake up with big red spots. My mother bought a spray to kill bedmites, but I told her to NOT use it, to throw it away, as it may kill my sweet, little cat as well.

Is there a natural product I can buy right away to solve this problem?

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I just read a bunch of articles about cleaning mattresses. It said to never steam clean them unless it's a dry system. You can vacuum mattresses, but will need a hepa rated vacuum, not just hepa filtered. One person suggested taking it outside and beating the crap out of it and then leaving it in bright sunshine.

Probably the best thing is to get a good washable mattress cover and wash all of your bedding and cover once a week in hot water.
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Can you be sure it's dust mites from the mattress? Any possibility it could be flea bites? Does your kitty go outside? Are there any other household pets who could have fleas or some other type of mites, who might sleep with you? Is your kitty itching at all?

I've heard that you can get rid of dust mites in pillows by putting your pillow in the clothes dryer for an hour; the heat will kill the mites.

I've also heard that there are companies who specialize in cleaning dust mites from mattresses (though I've never used one).

Is it possible you're having some kind of reaction to laundry soap or something you've washed your sheets in?

Maybe while investigating to see if there's a company that does mattress cleaning in your area, for the time being you could spread out some plastic (even cut up garbage bags) over top of your boxspring........then put a freshly washed (in hot water and bleach) fitted sheet overtop, and then ensure all other bedding is freshly washed in hot water and bleach.......and make sure you do your pillows like I mentioned above. This would definitely be a way to really confirm IF it's the dust mites in the mattress that are causing this.

Actually, now that I think of it, my Mom used a company to clean the mattresses.......mostly because she's a clean-freak and thought it would be a good idea. Lots of people do this, you don't have to tell them you have a rash! ...........

Maybe do a search on Google for "mattress cleaning services" in your area.
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If it's not dust mites you're talking about, maybe you're refering to bed bugs? Apparently bed bugs aren't all that UNcommon.

Here's an article on them, including pictures, symptoms, how to treat, etc:


Do you actually "see" what the pictures show?

I agree, you shouldn't use any products that your kitty or other pets could come into contact with, you either. I'd contact a professional exterminator, if you think it's bed bugs......but ensure they know you have pets. If nothing else, kitty might have to be kept away from your bedroom or wherever they've sprayed or whatever they do........for a period of time.
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If its bed bugs, you're only hope is a professional exterminator. I'd suggest Orkin Pest Control--they are great at treating for bed bugs, fleas as well!

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Unfortunately, if it was fleas wouldnt you get bit in areas other than in bed? My guess is its bed bugs. They say its a huge problem lately.

Time to call in the professionals, get it done once right.
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