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My three year old neutered male cat has started lunging and biting me when i am laying in bed. I have three cats, one other male and one female. As soon as I lay in bed, he immediately runs into the bedroom, jumps on the bed and on top of me, walks up and looks me directly in the eyes, and starts purring. I start petting him. he walks back and forth on me not allowing the other cats to approach. Sometimes he turns and lunges to bite me, and to snip at me. I thought this might be the "overpetting" thing, but it happens mostly as I am removing my hand from petting, but not exclusively. This behavior does not occur when my husband is in bed too. I have recently started to pop him gently on the nose and hiss at him, and he tries to claw me . The funny thing is he resumes purring and looking me in the eye and wanting attention. Is this a dominance thing? I am starting to think he feels I am his beta "cat" and my hubby is "alpha". Or is this still an overpetting issue? He also guards me from the other cats when I am sick by forbidding them from approaching me. I guess I have a new guard cat LOL