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Splashing in the water dish?

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In addition to the pee problems we have going on at Casa de Clem, Arwin also likes to "dig" the water out of the water dish. This has been going on for a couple of years, and we've tried dishes of different sizes, weights, depths, and materials without impact.

And advice for this behavior? Would a continuous water fountain help? If so, any recommendations?
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How about letting the cat know that the shower is wet too? one of mine loves to splash in the wet shower bottom
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Actually, my boy cat (Thumper) will hang out outside the shower whenever I'm in and will start meowing as soon as I finish. He loves to lick up the water out of the shower and to rub his body against my wet legs.

However, it's the girl cat (Arwin) that likes to make a mess with the water dish...
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My kitty likes to play with his water too. A few times, I've seen him standing with one or both front feet in his water bowl. One of my cats liked to splash most of the water out of the bowl, then I'd find the bowl in the middle of the room, ten feet from it's original position. I use a big stainless steel dog bowl and keep it filled pretty high so at least it's too heavy to move around or spill but I can't really stop him from all the splashing.
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This is a common occurance with bengal cats. So what I recommend to my clients, is to purchase one of those winter floor mats for cars or trucks. The ones that claim will hold quite a bit of melted snow.

When your cat splashes, the water is trapped by the mat and you can just empty it out at your convenience.
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My Mulder does this too. I haven't figured out how to make him stop, but he was ruining my floors splashing the water out all the time so now I keep the water bowls in the bathtub so the water will just drain away. I will definately have to try the snow mat thing, because moving the cat water in and out of the shower every morning is really getting old...
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Marley LOVES water! He too will jump in the shower as soon as I get out. When Im in the shower, he is on the ledge, waiting. He is always splashing in the water dish and it makes a huge mess. What I have been doing is when I get out of the shower I have a plastic cup I fill up with water and he plays in there forever with it...that is until he knocks it over.
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