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Yowling for no apparent reason.

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Sometimes Zane will go on yowling jags for no apparent reason. He'll stand in front of his full water dish/food bowl and yowl. When I hear it I think, 'Perhaps he needs more water,' but I go there and see that the dish is full. Sometimes he does it as he wanders through the house; I thought he was missing my late father, whose cat he was, but father's been gone for almost two years now. When he gets in these moods he doesn't want to be petted and will snap at me if I try. It is especially disturbing in the middle of the night when I'm awakened from a sound sleep by it. When he does that he sounds like he's sick or hurt, but I turn on the lights and find him and there's nothing wrong with him. The vet's examined him to a fare-thee-well, and there's nothing organically wrong with him.
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Sometimes cats just do that, and I know how annoying it can be. I have insomnia and my mountain lion of a cat walks up and down the hallway 'talking' to himself. He's a strange cat. Other times he starts screaming for his kitten brother to come start mischief with him.

it might be considered mean, but I just made a short, sharp distracting noise to have him stop if he does this in the middle of the night. It worked for me not to give him love when he did this in the middle of the night, because he will associate yowling with getting love.

This is only my method, but I've owned cats all my life and it works for me.
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I think that some cats are just like that. Harley occasionally yowls in the middle of the night; it sounds like she's saying "hellooooo?". She started doing it because she didn't want me to go to bed at night; she wanted me to stay in the living room with her.

My solution is to ignore the yowling, because to me, paying attention to her would give her a reason to keep doing it. It's lessened from every night to where she only does it once in a while.
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My cat also does this occasionally. But is happy to be petted or played with during that time.
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I remember reading a story that was very similar to this on this site a while ago, and when the owner plugged in a nightlight, it made the kitty stop meowing. Apparently he/she got upset what it got very dark and she couldn't see her owner or something I don't know if this will help but maybe kitty will feel better and howl less during the night if he has a night light on?

One of my cats makes a lot of noise, we never really know why. We check her food and water, lean down to give her attention, etc. She just likes to make noise I think! My other cats will yowl sometimes at night too. It doesn't usually wake me, but it does confuse me a little because I have no idea why they do this (maybe I should try to night light thing hehe!)
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Our cat used to do it alot when we first got him, but he's doing it less now. He would do it just after we'd gone to bed, yowling like he was really upset about something. I would get up to visit the bathroom, and he would come trotting over to me expecting play. I've taken to wearing erplugs at night to cut off the noise. In the daytime he does it, like others here, I check the food and water, even change the water in case he thinks it isn't fresh, but he still stands there looking at me and meowing. There are times when he does it on the windowsill behind the blinds, but we can easily ignore him then - he's seen next door's outdoor cat or their dog.

This meowing for no reason used to drive me absolutely nuts, but now I tolerate it just about. I couldn't tell you why they do it, but the mood seems to pass in minutes.
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