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I Need Your Creativity!

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I'm sure you've all see the "care banners" that many sites have, especially about spay/neuter, to promote animal welfare. Check out www.savesamoa.org for examples, I have them at the bottom of every story.

There aren't many out there for Feral Cats, so I want to fill that void on Stray Pet Advocacy and also have a bunch to use for future stories on Save Samoa. The ones I have now, from other sites, are "Support your local feral caretaker," "Trap, Spay, Neuter, Release. It just makes sense for Ferals," "Feral is not an exotic breed of cat," and "This site supports Feral Education."

What I need is all the creativity that The Cat Site is famous for to help me come up with more catch phrases that I can use on Care Banners promoting Ferals.

Please help!!
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hmmmm, well...

My siggies says:

save a life adopted a stray, spay and neutar save many lives!

some other ones that come to mind:
Win a ferals heart and have a friend forever

Ferals need love too

Ferals need more then a bowl of food. Spay and Neutar

argh i'm all teary eyed now I'll think of more soon!!

Let me know if you need a help making them, i'm kinda handy with paint shop pro and animation shop
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Use your computer, find the purrfect place to neuter
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Originally posted by hissy
Use your computer, find the purrfect place to neuter
that is so cute!!
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Bumping this

How about "Feral is not a four-letter word".

"We made them, now we can help them"

"Feral does not mean unfriendly"
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I dont have any suggestions sorry but Bump!
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Ferals need friends too
Support your local Feral Colony
Help a Feral to get a life
Trap. Neuter. Release. Save a Feral kitten today.
Kindness is a kitten saved

That's all I can think of for now - if I come up with any more I'll post them later.
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These are great! I knew I could count on you guys!

Keep 'em coming!

Oh, and one more request....if you have pictures of outside cats (they don't have to be ferals, we won't tell! ) that you wouldn't mind donating to the cause, please email them to me at heidi@savesamoa.org . I would really appreciate it, but please think about it before you send. These could be all over the net, although promoting positive ideas you probably won't get credit for the photos (except on Save Samoa/Stray Pet Advocacy, which they *should* be linked back to!).
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thought this needed a bump!
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Bump , Come on Suggestions guys!! I'm thinking
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Ummm... I'm not really very good at this stuff.

How about

Ferals need care not fear

Trap-Neuter-Release Saves Lives!

Don't feed me if you're not going to neuter me! (Not sure about this one)

I'm doing my job - now you do yours. Trap-Neuter-Release - it works!

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