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Daily Thread TGIF Nov 28th

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FRIDAY! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by!

Heading to work in a bit, then off to my friends house for a girly making cookie night

Tomorrow, I am getting my car undercoated and we are going to see James Blunt!! I am so excited!

Sunday its church potluck and go weekend!

You all have a good one!
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Happy Friday!

I'm at work today and it's been insanely slow for the past hour and a half. We've had a total of 2 customers. But I knew it was going to be like this, which is why I chose to work. I'd rather work on a day that it's slow, then when it's busy.

My fiance had to get up at 2 a.m. to leave the house at 4 to go to work. Oh the joys of working retail on Black Friday.

Hoping to get out of work early if they shut us down, then going home, possibly stopping at the grocery store. Maybe working out too, haven't decided that one.

Have a good day everyone!
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My christmas tree is going up this evening

Hair salon tomorrow morning, coffee afterwards with my sister, then i'm hitting the sales again to see if anything takes my fancy.

I may wrap my christmas presents up tomorrow night then that's them done
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Morning All!!

Another ton of snow overnight, so I guess I have a little outside work to do in a bit.

Other then that I am not up to much today, have to wait around the house for a delivery, I am have some legal documents due to arrive by courier so I have to be home to sign for them...When they phoned to let me know they would be arriving they narrowed it down to between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M..
Am hoping they arrive this morning however so I can go and run a few errands this afternoon.

I still have a few gifts to wrap and that will be done. Other then a couple stocking stuffers for the kitties I am pretty much done with my holiday preparation. The only thing left is some grocery shopping for Christmas dinner.

The kitties are window watching this morning, they are supervising the snow clean-up across the street..

Everyone have a great day.
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Well Neil just left to pick up wood splitter for use later this weekend.
I should be outside (low 30sF) to gather what I need for doing my last containers for a client!!

We are going shopping this afternoon when the crowds will be less. Mainly to look at carpeting.

Still haven't founf my CC-will call company again today to make sure no transactions since last week. Will cancel then on Monday and get new one.

Nothing else too exciting yet.
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Big day of housework planned. Probably won't do much though and blame it on TCS!
Have a good day everyone!
post #7 of 10 day started at 3am! I got up and drove to the nearby town (I am at the in-laws right now in the country) and went to the 4am doorbuster sales at JCPenney's, Kohl's, Sears, and Target. I got some really good things such as: a king down blanket $30, Norelco razor, picture frames, lotions, socks, pillows, and house shoes. I spent less than $200!
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Sorry guys....after spending 15 years of working retail, you cannot get me to go shopping today for anything! Well...unless they were giving away lots of money, lol!

Today I need to
get my SS pics uploaded to TCS
decorate my Christmas tree
clean house a bit
and go see some friends tonight about two hours away.

Sometime today or tomorrow, we need to go clean up the mess we left at the bakery when we came home yesterday and crashed......but I hope not today, lol!
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Well today is a absolutely beautiful day here. I can't believe its almost December and its like +6celsius right now in Northern AB Canada. I am still feeling pretty bad from my heart surgery and blood pressure issues, with that bad sinus infection on top of it all, But on such a gorgeous day I think a day out with the horses and goats is a must! I might go on a nice trail ride this afternoon and get the mini's feet trimmed again.

Tomorrow I have a Jousting meeting/practice in the afternoon, and a cd release party for a friends band in the evening. Sunday is my Oma's 80th birthday and we are having a big party for her at my parents house. I get to see my nieces and nephews which is awesome, I love those weird little kids!!
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I am trying really hard to get motivated with decorating. I want it done, I just don't want to clean the junk first. I think I had too much turkey yesterday

Nothing else planned for the weekend. Hopefully the satellite guy will be out today. Once he is done we can work on the living room.
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