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Tell me what you think?

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I was looking at the sites of different Persian breeders and ran across this site.
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I don't know much about breeding but I don't like that they breed 'tea cup kittens'.

Our Napoleons are a wonderful mix of Persian and Himalayan, crossbred with a Munchkin (also called a Rug Hugger): the result is an itty-bitty kitty with a gigantic personality! Our Napoleons help us meet the ever growing desire for families to have miniature, toy and tea cup size kitties. They come in all colors of the rainbow and are known for their affectionate and fun-loving personalities. One of their uniquely endearing traits is standing on their back legs for long periods of time - too cute! Their run incorporates a little waddle with each stride. Prepare yourself for fun and smiles as your baby Napoleon joins your family!
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RUN RUN RUN. These are "designer" cats and all of them are being bred OUTSIDE the standard. Whenever you see "toy" anything in a cat, you know they are inbreeding, genetically bad kittens. Sounds too "commercial/byb" to me.

They might have a fancy website with pretty pictures, but no way would I EVER pay those prices for pet kittens or the quality that is being produced. All they are doing is lining their pockets with neive people's money.

A good breeder will have CHAMPION and GRAND CHAMPION cats and pedigrees. I do hope you are not considering buying even one of those cats/kittens!
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That is exactly what I thought. Is she making up her own breeds as well? She is breeding persians and Ragamuffins? I would never buy from them but I wondered if they weren't BYB.
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I came across this trend just recently and I cannot believe how people can be duped. My uncle and his wife came for a weekend visit and brought their two ugly (to me), yappy dogs. I overheard his wife talking to another family member about her attempts to get a yorkshire terrier to add to her family of pets. That is perfectly fine to me, I have 2 shepherds and a chihuahua myself, but she mentioned that the breeder of this yorkie was across the country and wanted $1500. This is for a pet, no shows or even the possibility of shows in it's future.

So I moved along and then overheard my uncle talking about the yorkie and how it was a special breed called a Teacup Yorkie. At that point I just had to say something. I told them that there is no special breed called a Teacup anything.. they are the runts or the smallest of the litters bred to each other to try and produce the smallest one possible. I said, "It's just marketing!" He then tried to explain to me that they will be their own breed soon, that's what the breeder told them....... I tried to explain that the way these poor dogs are being bred is causing all kinds of health problems and stunted dogs.. but they are converted. It's just sad because these people are not normally dumb!

So there really are people out there who are buying into this hype.
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Sohi - tell me about it. Go to Answers in Yahoo and read about all the dumb/uninformed people buying into this hype re "teacup" cats and dogs. I'm constantly trying to educate them on the truth. The worse ones are BREEDING these dogs and crossing them with other teacup breeds.

I don't know how many times you have to keep saying it over and over about the horrors of inbreeding/not genetically testing dogs and cats.
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