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Feeding tube for Arthur (little vent :( )

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I just typed this once and pressed a wrong button (not even sure what) and it all went away. Anyhow, Arthur's been really difficult to feed the past few days, he's refusing to swallow and its just been awful. Of course Im not getting enough food into him. So Im calling the vet tomorrow and hopefully they do procedures on Saturday. Im so worried though, Im worried about sedating him because he's so thin and weak. It's my only option though, the only way I can get enough into him, and since it shouldnt bother him at all Im hoping it'll be ok. I just know Im gonna cry like a baby when I see him all shaved and with tubes hanging out If anyone has any experience/advice I'd be really happy to hear it. Im so nervous but I just want it done so I can start getting food into him. Im planning on picking up some more milk thistle to give him along with his Denamarin, I hope I can find empty pill capsules...the health food store will probably have them. Im so worried
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I'm afraid I don't have any direct experience with having the feeding tube inserted; when Taco had Fatty Liver Disease 10 yrs ago, having the tube inserted was just not possible (I lived in the middle of nowhere and it would have required an 8 hr drive to a vet hospital that did it, he was just too gravely ill to put him through the drive) - so I had no choice but to assist feed w/ syringe and thankfully he tolerated it. He hated it, and sometimes would throw up, and I'd never seen him so ill, but somehow we got through it. I did give him Cyproheptadine as he got a little stronger, to stimulate his desire to eat. with him, it was as if he'd forgotten how to eat. I would put out a plate of smelly fancy feast (the one most ill cats eat the most) and he'd show interest, maybe take a lick, but then it was like he truly forgot how to eat it on his own.

Something I gave him back then, too...........and also a few years ago to a very ill CRF kitty I rescued (who wasn't wanting to eat), was Nutri-Cal supplement. It's in a tube. It's very high in calories and it's intended for very ill / debilitated kitties............ They sell a similar product called Nutri-Stat, at places like PetsMart (and you can order it online there, too). It's in a tube, a paste, the same consistency as the stuff you give for furballs. You give according to directions on the tube (according to cat's weight). This stuff has saved many an ill kitty who wasn't getting enough nutrition. With my old CRF kitty, I would squirt an inch of it onto my finger and put it into her mouth........

Here's the link for it:



It's very tasty stuff for cats, loaded with calories and good things to give them energy and nutrition. It often helps to stimulate their appetite. Some Vet clinics sell it (you don't need a prescription for it, of course) but it would be cheaper at a place like PetsMart.

I'll keep you and your kitty in my prayers.
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Thank you so much I did buy a tube of Nutrical, but when I read that it had so much sugar and cats and dogs cant process sugar I decided not to use it. Also, my dog wouldnt even lick it off my finger! We have an appointment for Monday morning to have the feeding tube inserting. Ill be praying that all goes well. Ill be a nervous wreck all day!
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Positive vibes for you and your cat.
The 2 good things is one, the anestheia is only for a very short duation.
Of couse the other good thing is that once this is done you will be able to get all the nutrients that are needed in him.
They sound scary but fo everything I have read they do not bother the cat and it sounds worse then it is. here is a link about them
Very best
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I think you are making the right choice.

Need more validation?

GO here....... all the information you could possibly need.

I'm thinking about you and arthur..... I've only heard great thing about the feeding tube. It will make your life and his life easier. Thank you for being such a good kitty mama
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