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Help with kitten maddness!!!

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I just brought home a kitten about 6-7 weeks ago. I have two female cats already Mary Jane and Mya are 8 years old. My first concern was that the older cats would not adjust very well to the little one. That really has not been the case though.

Missy (Mischief) was 5 weeks old when I brought her home. I thought that it was a little too young and thought about bringing her back right away to be with her mom for a little while longer. The family that I got her from seemed really weird about that, thinking that they were litter trained and eating solids and should be fine. I was more concerned then that they really just didn’t care and wanted rid of the kittens cause they had a kid and baby and dog. They had told me that she was a rag doll cross. She has markings of a Siamese (maybe a little darker) and not sure if she is going to have long or short hair yet.

I have a separate room for her with a litter box, food dishes, and a scratch post. I kept her mostly to that room for a week or so. I only brought her out to the rest of the house little by little to meet the other cats and explore the house. My older cats reacted right away by hissing and wanting to run away. It wasn’t more than a week before they seemed like normal again and would just ignore her, watch in amazement as she ran around like a maniac, or just go outside for a while to get away from her.

I am now concerned because I think Missy is the devil. She tears around the house like a lightning bolt up and down scratch posts, from one side of the house to the other. She now can pretty much jump and get wherever she wants at almost 12 weeks. She chases, pounces, and stalks the older cats. Mya tries to hide from here when she is in one of these moods (which is most of the time), or just stays outside. She attacks mine and my boyfriends feet, bites our hands when petting her. She can strike you soooo fast with a bite that you don’t even have time to think about it. I have been using tin foil where I don’t want her to be which seems to be working. I tried a little water gun when she is bad, but usually does nothing to stop her unless you hit her right in the head. I think the water gun just made her more vicious so I stopped using that. I put her in time out in her room when she is being really bad and that seems to calm her down a bit sometimes.

I have had many many cats in my time, growing up in the country, and I have never ever seen one as crazy as her!!!! I love her to pieces, but am worried that she is going to hurt herself or maybe just be like this forever!

I am just not sure what I should be watching out for between her and the older cats. I cannot really tell if Missy and Mary Jane are playing or kind of fighting sometimes???

Also is there anything that I should be doing to make sure she is not play aggressive forever????

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

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She is just still a baby, she's wild because she has so much energy to burn up, eventually she will calm down. I brought a young cat in Charlie, he was about 5 to 6 months old I found him in my back yard and he was very friendly but didn't seem like he had a home to go to. So I brought him in, it was the fourth of july and he was terrified of the fire crackers. I felt so sorry for him. He came in and was as wild as I've ever seen a cat. He just wanted to play with my other cats, he ran after all of them. He was so wild he was running with 1 paw up so he could swat the others as he went by, I honestly didn't know how this was going to work out, but I gave it a fair chance, he did calm down after a while and my other guys just watched him from high, safe spots. Now a year later, everything is fine. A little bit of hissing now and again, but otherwise peaceful. Good luck.
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Maybe you need another kitty around her age to keep up with her and redirect some of her destructo kitty energy?
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Sounds like a normal kitty to me! I'm sure she'll settle down soon. On the plus side, I refer to my kitten as the "adult cat exerciser." It's play or die around here! My big kitties have lost some weight and act younger.
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Originally Posted by sam1404 View Post
I am now concerned because I think Missy is the devil.
I'm sorry, but this cracked me up. Poor you!

She is normal. Its kind of like human toddlers and teenagers. Not quite sure how they survive, but they do. Someday, she will be an old sleepy cat.

She is all energy right now. Hopefully, the older cats will decide to play with her. Seb was about 11 years old when I brought 8 week old Daphne home. After a few days of glaring and hissing at her, I found them curled up together. She was officially Seb's cat

Kittens need to be around other cats so they learn proper behavior.

When she bites you, yell out at the top of your voice. A short quick YEEOOUUCHY! Then ignore her. Do not reinforce the poor behavior by giving her a lot of attention afterwards. Daphne hates when I yell so this quickly taught her what not to do. I didn't do anything but that. No corporal punishment, no water bottle. Remember though, they have short attention spans and short memories, too Daphne is such a good girl now but she was a wacko kitten.

Oh, and give pets and "good girls" when she does something you like.

Get your camera out and snap some pics - we love crazy kittens here
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I agree with the others. She's a normal kitten. I'd hand raised Blossom from 3 w/o & as she got to the same age as your kitty, she was exactly the same. I don't remember any of the other kittens I had over the years being like her. She would attack our feet & legs whenever we walked past her. She had the zoomies twice a day. I found a lot of help from the net. Look up this sticky.
I found it helped, you need to read the whole thing.
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