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Cats in Christmas trees......

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Renovia's picture got me to thinking about tree still isn't decorated, aside from Izzy and his littermates redoing the garland strands.....but this is my other problem.....their feral mom......I can't touch her, but this pic was taken at about eye level for me, just over five feet up, in a pre lit, revolving Christmas tree.......she must have ridden it for ten minutes or so ! And I was worried about the kittens?!!!

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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post

Exactly that!
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hahaha, sounds like a video I saw of a cat riding a Roomba!
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...and i was just thinking about getting an x mas tree
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And here we thought ferals didn't know how to play! She seems to have been having a great time!!
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We just use a tabletop tree on a small round topped table. It keeps Angel out of it, because she has a tendency to destroy things.
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Well guys.....wish me luck.....when I get my cleaning done this morning, I'm going to attempt to decorate said tree, lol!!!
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Oh good Lordy! Riding the Christmas tree!
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my daughter and i have spent 5 hours decorating the tree and the sitting room today, coco is now trying her best to destroy all of it!

seriously , she is doing speedball with the baubles on the lower branches. even when they swing round and dink her on the head she doesn't stop!
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