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Mumbai (Bombay) terrorist attacks

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Are you following the news coverage? It's still an ongoing situation, and the death toll appears to be at least 125, with well over 300 people wounded.
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It's been on the radio most of yesterday and today. We have a large South Asian population in the Toronto area who are very concerned for family and friends.
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I am. It's awful, and I hope it can be resolved soon and as safely as possible.
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It's been all over the radio yesterday and today. Horrific. There's a large South Asian community here as well. A manager in one of the hotels, who was shot, was the niece of a local family.
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Cowards, all of them. I hope they get the deaths they deserve. Nothing burns my butt more than sissy terrorists.
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I believe they're cowards as well. Unfortunately, they want death. They're trained to do this to reach their "glorious" and ultimate reward. That's what's so scary about this stuff. "Suicide" bombers - (just lowlife murdering thugs, IMO) - are determined to take as many lives as possible with them.

Ever since September 11, 2001, I live with a constant feeling of doom in my brain. Not that it paralyzes me. I don't believe in living in fear, hiding in my apartment. And I'm a very happy and positive person.

But there's not a day when I don't get a fleeting thought that, "Geez. Anyone could walk onto this crowded subway with a bomb strapped on his body", or, I look at a building and think, "Anyone could walk in there and blow himself up and take everyone with him." It's part of my mentality now.

Extremists will do anything because they want to "sacrifice" themselves.
They want to die. It's what they've been taught. Personally, I'm hoping they're rotting in hell.

Here in the New York area, we lost a rabbi and his wife in these attacks. Their brave nanny saved their son. My heart breaks for the lives lost.

I wish there was some way to rid the world of terrorists completely. I would like to see Osama Bin Laden and thugs like him die a "meaningless" death...not in a situation where they're taking innocents with them, but where they somehow know that they're going straight to hell, not surrounded by 40 virgins and the good things they think they're achieving by dying, but surrounded by fire and flame.

Okay. End of rant.
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I feel very blessed that this country hasn't had any suicide bombers, I pray it stays that way.
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