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Advice please.

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Hi there to you all, i am new to this forum and was wondering if any of you could advise me on what would be the next best step for me to take with one of my cats Tinkerbell, (a 2 and 3/4 year old Ragdoll). I will now explain my dilema with Tinkerbell.
Tinkerbell was pregnant and we was expecting the patter of tiny paws this last weekend gone ( 22nd/23rd Nov,08), as expected the arrivals started on Saturday with the first delivery being at 9.49pm unfortunately this kitten was stillborn even though contractions had been strong and trouble free, although i will say that on pushing out this kitten she did expell what was rather a very potent/ pugent smelly odour, not very unlike something that had gone off and rotted, she continued to contract and her second kitten was born at 10.02pm, she didn,t attempt to clean this kitten and get it going so i had to step in and do this for her and i managed to get the little mite going and eventually even to suckle, she then continued to give birth to her third and final kitten of which she cleaned straight away and the kitten attatched herself straight onto a nipple on her own, she never stuggled at all once through any of her labour from beginning to end, this was her first litter.I rang an emergency vet because i didn,t like how she was breathing and her heart beat was far too rapid for my liking ,( i have seen dogs and cats give birth before and have never experienced this sort of breathing or the pungent smell that she expelled with the first kitten) i explained all of what had happened i.e the smell, breathing, death, ect , all i got told was it sounded like a normal cat birth and that i should not worry as long as mom was alert and bonding with kittens ect everything was fine, all of this was the early hours of Sunday morning.
Since then on Monday morning i woke up to find the strongest of the two remaining kittenshad died during the night, and then Tuesday the third kitten was so weak that she couldn,t survive , and i tried all day but every time i stopped stroking or rubbing her she gave up so i had to just let her go.Now back to Tinkerbell, yesterday she was crying all around the house looking for her babies, she still eating a little and today she was looking and crying for them this morning but now seems to just have given up and just lies there , she doesn,t even follow me from room to room anymore not even when i open cupboards in the kitchen.Th main thing that concerns me and that i want your opinions on is that when she uses the litter tray her motions are still smelly like the smell that came from her on the night of kittening and sometimes when she passes you you get the same whiff from her rear end.
Any advice would be much appreciated

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Hi. Sorry, I don't have any advice. I would probably just take her in to a vet, if possible. Maybe a vet can feel around her abdomen to see if there is something amiss? I'm sorry to hear about your kittens. I hope your cat gets better soon.
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First of all...welcome!

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of the kittens. RIP babies.

I am so not an expert in this area...but the thing that throws up a red flag for me is the smell that came with the delivery of the kittens. That is NOT normal! and kinda confuses me as to why a vet would tell you that it is normal - that is one of the main things I was always told was watch for a smelly discharge/odor
IMO I would seek another vet and get your cat to the vet ASAP. But I'm sure you will get better more experienced advice ....

Again - I am so sorry for your loss
for Mom for a healthy recovery
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I'd get to the vet immediately. She may not have finished giving birth, or she might have a number of complications, but the smell with the first kitten throws up a real warning for me.
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I would take her to the vet . My semi-feral girl had kittens , She also had a terrible odor. She had an infection caused by a partially digested mouse. It was stuck inside her rectum, It had to be removed. untreated she would have died
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My brothers cat had a smell like that and there was a dead kitten in her.
She was very sick and it cost 4000 to save her.
Get your cat to the vet fast
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Get her to the vet NOW - there's a very good chance she retained another dead kitten and she could die from infection. If she is/was infected the milk also got infected and that is what probably killed the other two kittens.

I'm sorry for the lose of your first litter. You may wind up having to spay mom.
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Hi there all, and thankyou to all of you that replied to my post it was very much appreciated.
You will all be pleased to know that i have taken Tinkerbell to the vets this morning for a full check up.The vet agreed with me that there was still indeed an odour and checked her temp which was a little higher than normal so gave her a shot of antibiotics and sent me home with a weeks course to give her as she had indeed got an infection, he checked her abdomen, ect, and assured me that he could not feel anything still left inside, no dead kittens no nothing which was a weight off my mind.
So now we are at home and have just got to let her recover from the whole experience.
Many thanks again
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So very glad to hear that you took your Tinkerbell in to get checked out.

Hope Tinkerbell feels better soon!
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It was probaby the infection from the one that was stillborn and it affected the milk in her system. Glad she will be ok. Are you gonna spay her or try again?
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