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Thanksgiving... What are you thankful for?

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Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks. What are you truly thankful for this year?

I am thankful that I have a nice, warm apartment. I am a statistic. I am one of the many, many people that lost their house due to foreclosure. But, in my opinion, it is the best thing that happened to me. The house we lived in had so many things that needed to be repaired and we could not afford to do them. It was dark and gloomy at the end. My new place (we have been here since Sept 1, 2007) is bright and cheerful. And that is very important since DH is handicapped and was very unhappy at the old place. He is happy here.

When we moved, we had to rehome our 6 kits. That was a very hard thing to do, but it was best thing at the time. In January this year, once I got our finances under control, we found we could afford to have kitties again. Our former kitties had already been adopted out, so we got our 2 sweet girls. They were 7 weeks old then. Hard to believe they will be celebrating their 1st birthday Dec 1st.

Things are getting better for us. We are happy here. The neighbors are nice and speak to us. At the old place, no one would speak to us and we were there for over 10 years. We had no friends there. We have friends here.

I am also thankful for this group. You have been my sounding board and have been here for me through thick and thin. We are a family here. And I thank you!
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I am thankful for my wonderful husband. He's changed my life, for the better. I would have been heading down the wrong path if I hadn't met him. I am thankful that we have a nice home being built, that we can afford easily. I am thankful for the jobs we have in order to be able to afford the things we want/need.
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I, too, am thankful for a wonderful husband. After almost 25 years of marriage he is still my best friend and I can ALWAYS count on him.

I'm thankful that we both have good jobs that aren't in danger in these tough financial times.

I'm thankful that my daughter has a career that she loves and a wonderful partner. Also thankful that she is planning to make me a Grandma next year!

I'm thankful for my healthy boys. They are my lovies and what I look forward to getting home to everyday. To be greeted at the door by my loving kitties just fills my heart!
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First and foremost, I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has blessed me this year in lots of ways.

I am thankful for:
*my wonderful and supportive husband, Zack
*my house that kept me safe from Hurricane IKE with minimal damage.
*my mother that fought kidney cancer this year and overcomed it!
*my mother & father in-law for treating me like their own daughter (especially since my father died last year).
*my family and my friends, even though I don't get to speak with or see them as much as I want to
*my teaching job, my wonderful students and co-workers.

Even though we go through life sometimes complaining about different things, today is a good day to reflect on the positive.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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I, too, am thankful for my husband and my cats.

I'm also incredibly thankful for the unflagging love and support from my family and friends, including many from this site, during what has been a sometimes very difficult year.
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I am thankful for Eric who is my best friend and has made holidays an enjoyable experience for me, even though I have no family. I am also thankful for Maia who makes life an enjoyable experience for me, and I her to......I hope!
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I am thankful for Jesus, and for being blessed in many ways, including living in the USA. I am thankful for kind & loving people everywhere, esp. those who help cats & children in need. I am thankful for all of you at TCS, and am very grateful to the founders and mods of TCS, for providing such a wonderful, caring internet community - so many wonderful miracles have happened here, IMO, due to the prayers and vibes that are shared here
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I'm thankful for my good health, to have such a great, supportive family, my friends, my job, and most of all my furkids.
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  • I am thankful for my health
  • For my family, that even though is away in Brasil, is with me every step of the way
  • for having adopted Lucky
  • To have had the strength to quit my job during these difficult times, even though I didn't have another job lined up
  • for getting a better Job and being on my way back to LA, close to my dearest friends, and away from a situation that was harming me emocionaly
  • for being happy most of the times
  • for learning when I get sad, or when something bad happens to me, or the ones I love
  • for being capable of loving unconditionally
  • for my wonderful friends, who have become my chosen family
  • for becoming an American Citizen this year
  • For voting for the first time in America, and for my vote making a difference
  • For my Best Friend Chris, who left this world in March, but has taught many lessons with his life and departure, and who now is my angel
  • for being safe in my apartment, having wonderful neighbors who I can count on...
  • and most of all for being alive, going through all the beautiful challenges and victories life graciously brings to me!
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It's not my Thanksgiving today, but I do have things to be thankful for:

1. For a very special and generous Guardian Angel who wants to remain anonymous, who is responsible for Chynna being able to have her dental surgery earlier this year and as a result is still healthy and active and with me today!!

2. For being alive;

3. For a job to go back to starting next week;
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We were asked to share in church this past Sunday. Here's my reply to the question.

I'm thankful for

1. my wonderful, loving husband;
2. a God-centered strong marriage;
3. and thankful that God always provides us with the finances needed whenever we have a major expense come up.
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