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What is a cat for me .

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As I am an orphan : there is no cat in the world to take car of me , I must speak of cats in generalizations . A cat for me is first of all an incarnation of beauty. it's silky fur , it's agil curved movements , it's majestic symetrical whiskers demonstrate clearly that the Creator invested most of his artistic talents in the creation of this sector .
This beauty has feminine quality . Even a tom cat is ffeminine in it's essence . look howw he is licking his fur , tidying it's tail ,
brushing his sharp nails on the rug .Every cat is a complete beauty - parlor in itself .
there is no awkwardness in cays . Even the poorest , maimed , garbege can cat moves with elegance , eats delicately & sleeps gracefully .
look how he jumps to the top of a cupboard with smooth acurate movement , with complet quietness , without breaking any of the clastered expensiv chaina .
there is ofcors a shaddwy side of the cat oersonality , but on this - next time
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That is a very accurate and beautifull way to describe cats. Thanks for sharing.
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What a lyrical description of cats! Thank you for sharing it with us. I'd love to hear more.
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what an amazing post!

what a gift for words you have, definitley 'lyrical' as alexnell said.
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Amos! That was beautiful! Thank you for posting it for us, and thank you for joining us here!
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You put a lot of thought in your words - I can picture each cat in your description.
You have a true gift and talent with words!
Keep 'em coming!
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That was a very beautiful description of the cat.
I must say though, as I was reading this one of my many graceful creatures jumped off my husbands shoulder and missed the table, hit the floor and walked off gracefully as if nothing had happened..LOL
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Thank you, for sharing with us your lovely description of the cat!

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Reading your words I can just see the scraggly alley tom leap gracefully onto a garbage can then in the same motion, onto the fence where he glides on down the line...

Wait, what's this? I see a big black Sateycat poised on the half wall the separates the foyer from the den...His ears and whiskers twitch in anticipation...He leaps up onto the entertainment center, but only his front half makes it. He dangles for a split second, then his hind legs start to move wildy, trying to get up with the rest of his body. Now his front half starts to slowly slide back down the way it came.

Oh well, can't win 'em all hey?
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