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Coffee maker advice

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My cheap-o coffee maker is driving me crazy. I broke the carafe some time back, and Mr Coffee has quit making the right-sized carafe, so I bought a new one. It didn't fit under the filter holder, so I had to buy one of those, too.

The stupid carafe is like a dribble glass. You can't pour out of it without it dribbling. I'm finally getting tired of it.

So...anybody have any recommendations for one that really works well? I don't need something fancy, but I'd like something with good quality and not too frumped up with technical googaws and unnecessary complications.

Also, suggestions for a good 4-slice toaster would be welcome.
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i have a Cuisinart one with a grinder built in that works really well. I love it. It was only about 80 bucks. you can get the next step up that doens't use a burner, it has a metal carafe system that keeps the coffee from burning sitting on the heat plate. It's about 120 i think.

If you can get here today you can have mine

This is the one with the carafe

This is the one I actually have.

But you can get bother cheaper if you look around
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I highly recommend Gevalia! You get a pound of coffee and their coffee maker for $15 (free shipping). You can cancel at any time, even right after you receive the coffee maker. Their coffee is really good, too.

Toasters... I don't know. Our new toaster oven broke after 8 months and the regular pop-up one we replaced it with is only 4 months old and already isn't working very well.
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I had one of those Gevalia. It is a good all around coffee maker. The only problem i had was mine ended up leaking. But when you figure the price (i swear the coffee maker was free) it can't be beat.

Also, if you're thinking about this one mrblanche, I recommend staying away. i have this one also in a closet gathering dust. it just isn't great.
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We have this one:
BrewStation® 12 Cup Coffeemaker With Timer. It's only $59.99

We got it for a wedding present 4 years ago and it's still running like the day we got it! I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
If you can get here today you can have mine
Don't think I'll make it.

Our last team job was a dedicated run from Dallas to Phoenix and back, twice per week. We were in Phoenix (for about 45 minutes) every Wednesday and Friday morning.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
I highly recommend Gevalia! You get a pound of coffee and their coffee maker for $15 (free shipping). You can cancel at any time, even right after you receive the coffee maker. Their coffee is really good, too.
Funny you should mention Gevalia. On that dedicated run, at one time about half the load was new Gevalia coffee makers and coffee.
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We have a Cuisinart. No grinder to it or anything, but it does have a timer so it will turn on right before DH wakes up (I don't drink coffee).

My chef friend has the same one and she suggested it when our 25 year old one broke earlier this year.
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Man when I was working at the office I used the timer every day. Have it come on 5 minutes before I woke up so it'd be ready. It was so nice to wake up to the smell of fresh ground coffee.
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I have a simple Braun brand. It has a clock on it, and you can set a timer so that the coffee starts dripping at a certain time. I bought it in the mid 90's and paid something like $40.00 for it. I don't remember if it dribbles when you pour. I think if any of the glass carafs are too full when pouring that the first cup will dribble. It's just how most of them are made.
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I cook gourmet meals but neither DH nor I drink coffee. Well, I drink decaf instant with fat free milk so I don't think that it counts. I always forget to brew the coffee for the end of my gourmet meals. Nobody seems to mind after eating the foods I prepare.
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I also have a Cuisinart that I bought this summer. Its a 12 cup one but since I'm the only person who drinks coffee it has a button for 1-4 cups. It brews pretty fast and has a beeper that informs you when done!! I got at Macy's on sale for $60. I think orginally $80??

As for toaster the Dec/Jan issue of Cook's Country just reviewed toasters under $50.
Their pick was the Michael Graves Design Hamilton Beach from Target for $34.99. Model # 24301. 2nd choice Kenmore Model 81004 $49.99.
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I have a brewstation too.Bought it a couple of years ago at Wal-Mart (where else?).I really like it because it's easy to clean,makes great coffee and no carafe to worry about breaking.
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My husband the coffee nut (not to mention perfectionist, lol) has switched from a "fancy" grinds the beans, timer, etc. plug in coffee pot to a French Press coffee pot and my little "hot pot" for boiling water. I have found them for as little as $3 (for a 3 cup) at Tuesday Morning and HomeGoods (TJ Maxx) to jaw dropping $ on the internet. We have an assortment now from the discount places, lol . He really likes them. I've got a few of the small ones he wanted to give as Christmas presents a couple of years ago, and then decided on something else . If I can find them, I can mail you one, lol (seriously-t'is the season!).

We have this one (has a rubber and plastic sleeve- he takes it hunting, lol):

and then a "pretty" one that sits on the counter.

And as you can see here from Target, they come in ALL colors, styles, shapes and sizes:

If you scroll down to the bottom half of this page, there are instructions (with pictures!) of how to use a French Press:

Good luck! As you can probably tell, choosing a coffee pot is a big deal in our house, and I rarely drink coffee!

Our toaster is a GE 2 slot Bagel switch toaster (we've had it several years, and it still toasts consistantly), but I don't have any recommendations for a 4 slot- sorry!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
I highly recommend Gevalia! You get a pound of coffee and their coffee maker for $15 (free shipping). You can cancel at any time, even right after you receive the coffee maker. Their coffee is really good, too.
I checked this out on the 27th and signed up. They are super fast! I got the shipment today. The coffee is pretty good... We tried the Mocha tonight and we also have Irish Cream. I made it too strong though. LOL The best thing is the free coffee maker. It is fabulous. It is of good quality. It has a timer on it so I can set it the night before to come on 15 minutes before I get up in the morning. It looks classy on my counter. I highly recommend it.

Now who wants a "slightly" used Farberware coffeemaker..
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Tassimo!!! I love being able to make different things for everyone, and there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo many veraites of coffee from Gevalia to Maxwell House, plus you can do capuchinos (sp?) lattees, to hot chocloate! Whats not to love???
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$80, $60 for a coffee maker? That's obscene. Go to Target and get yourself a new Mr. Coffee is all you've got to do.

My Mr. Coffee is several years old.......I'm guessing around 8 yrs. and I recently broke the 12 cup carafe. I had no problem finding the outdated carafe at my local Meijers [big box store out of Michigan]. I think I paid $30 for it originally.
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I have a De Longhi 12 Cup Drip coffee maker from Target and it is wonderful! I've had it for about a year now and I do not have a single complaint! It is easy to use, effecient, and works very well. It is well made and brews excellent coffee too! I got it on sale last year for about $29 but it's regurally priced at $39.99. You can't beat the price of it or the fact that it makes excellent coffee!

Ignore the bad comments some of the people gave it- I don't have a single bad thing to say about it- I love mine
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I have one of those Gevalia coffee makers. My hubby's aunt got one for getting their coffee, and since she's already got a coffee pot that she uses all the time, it wound up here. My only gripe about it is that is shows fingerprints like crazy, and it's a pain to get them off. But other than that, it works great, and keeps coffee warm for quite a while.
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I'm the only one in our household that drinks coffee, so I have a 4-cup Mr. Coffee. I have the programmable one, and it's great. My old one had the same kind of caraf, so I kept it. I now have 2 so I can easily make another pot for company.

Mr. Coffee is my preferred brand. I had a Black and Decker single travel mug coffee maker that lasted barely a year, and another brand (can't remember) from Kmart that also didn't last long.

My mother-in-law had a Gevalia but didn't like it. I think it stopped working right. I am not sure what she has now, but it does have one of those thermal pots again.
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I have a brewstation (the 12 cup one) and hubby and I really love it. We are getting my parents one for Christmas this year.
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I don't drink coffee, but as far as appliances go I love this waffle maker! You can get it for cheaper in other places
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For years, Dottie has rejected the idea of a waffle maker. "If I want waffles, you can take me to the Waffle House," she always said.

Then she suddenly decided she wanted one about 6 months ago. And, in fact, we have the consumer version of that same waffle maker!
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