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Okay she is home

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Help me name her...

Options and no poll since I messed up




put in your own

she is sweet yet very very timid and can put up a good fight
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i like all 3 of those! but i'd probably go for Moria, just because it's more unusual.
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I vote for Dahlia!
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Soooooo.... I take it that means you're keeping her!

Let me think about names... and post back!
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She looks like Zoey but with a beauty spot. Shes beautiful.
I hope she feels safe soon.
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Are there any famous red headed actresses out there? She looks pretty dramatic!

She is adorable. I love red, red/white girls!!
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Plenty of famous redheads.

I like "Mitzi" as in Mitzi Gaynor. Of course Lucile Ball is probably one of the most famous but makes a lousy kitty name!
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I rather like Kismet.
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Beautiful girl! I really like the name Dahlia!
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She really is a beauty. I also like the name Dahlia. I like any flower name actually.
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I like Dahlia. She is cutie
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Kizzy / Kismet
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this tunnel is great now if the crazy lady would leave me alone
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She looks so regal in that first pic that Queen Elizabeth came to mind. Good Queen Bess was a red head... you could call her Lizzie.

She also looks like a Fiona to me.

Keeva - gentle, beautiful, precious


Grace or Gracie....

Noreen - little honorable one
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Isn`t she gorgeous!
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