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Busted Big Time!

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Well, I knew Evie was sneaking around behind my back! I caught her once, but just with my cell phone, and we couldn't be sure, but now, look!

Crisp and clear, Evie and our old foster Sam playing together!!

Darn! I'm busted!!

My two stooges. She pretends she can't stand him, but they're so close and there is still peace in the house!

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Awwww .... That's so sweet!
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Awwww they look perfect together Do you not fancy keeping Sam?
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Awwww look at Evie shes a love muffin through and through.
Maybe she would love to have another friend in the home.
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How cute!
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So nice to see them playing together, it's adorable
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Thanks guys!

Unfortunately, we've already given Sam back to the foster group, so he's now with the set of kitties up for adoption. I sure didn't want to, though!!

The lady really had to pull at my heart strings... The 3 I have now were, apparantly, locked up outside in a cage all the time... And she kept telling me, I have no where else for them! I can take Sam and put him in the adoption center, but these guys are too young! They have to stay outside all the time, and it's getting so cold!

And unfortunately, I only have one separate room for them. Evie and Sam were still fighting more than I wanted to leave them alone together, and the lady would have charged us the adoption fee if we kept Sam, anyway, and my husband didn't want to adopt one AND take on 3 more likely sick fosters at the same time!!

But we still think of him, and who knows, if he's not adopted soon he may come back home!!
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how cute! It's fun to see cats play together
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