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Meggie has cancer....

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She's lost another pound, and I took her back to the vet today to see if it was her thyroid getting worse or her abdominal tumor had grown. Apparently, both. The vet said that as long as she is eating well (and we will manage her high thyroid so that she stays a bit hungrier than would be normal, so she will eat) and not having the runs or throwing up, that she's okay. When that happens, we will have to put her down then. *Sigh*. I guess I'm just looking for prayers for some more good time with her...she's only 12...thanks y'all.

( pretty girl...)

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she's so pretty! glad you'll have some time to say your goodbyes, & make her final time w/you even better
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I'm sending many good months your way.
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She's a real beauty, many many Prayers for Meggie and you. Where theres life theres always hope.
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Oh how sad.
Sending hope and love that you and beautiful Meggie have more time together and that every precious moment will remain in your heart forever.
Sweet Meggie
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Blerss her little heart, what a precious little girl Meggie is as well

Lots of that you have many month's ahead with your little girl

She's not in any pain is she?
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This is surely a difficult time for you. Hugs to you to help keep you strong for Meggie.
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Many prayers for you and Meggie - she's beautiful.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Meggie. Are you seeking any form of treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation? My cat was diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma and sees an oncologist.
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Thanks so much everybody...other than the weight issue and being a bit more tired than usual, she's doing okay- no pain . And no, per our vet's recommendation (if it were her cat and based on the type it most likely is, Meggie's age, and her heart condition- she has a grade 2 or 3 murmur), we won't be pursuing treatment.

I was concerned a bit about our dog (who also has a heart condition) for when Meggie isn't here anymore, but as God cares for all His creatures - Tweety, our other calico cat (16 years old), who never sleeps with any other adult animal, has been caught twice this week sleeping next to, and actually touching the dog. Funny how those things just seem to work that way, and can be so comforting .

Thanks again, so much ...
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She's gone- I posted in the Rainbow Bridge...
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