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Biting Kitten

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My new kitten loves to bite. He attacks legs, arms and pounces on me and bites all the time. He's sweet and can sometimes cuddle but lately even if he's in a mellow mood and you pet him he'll roll over and bite.

Its not hard biting and doesn't break the skin but bites nonetheless. We've been pretty good at spraying him with water or putting him on the ground and ignoring him when he does it but it seems to be getting worse. I even substitute my arm with a toy to get him to focus. Will he grow out of this or what?

I've had kittens before and they weren't like this. We have friends whose cat does this still and he's an adult. I don't want my cat to turn out like that but I don't what to do.... none of the advice I've found online is working.
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water spraying is somewhat effective with some cats - but not always & not all of them.
for biting, the most effective method i've found is to tap them on the nose, while saying 'no' in a stern voice. of my 5, i've raised 4 from kittens & none of those 4 bite at all. Chip does some, but not as much as he used to [i think he was mistreated in a former home, as well as declawed]. Chip's also a 'love biter' - that's been the harder of the 2 behaviors to correct.
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I agree with the tapping the nose and sternly saying no or no bite. Starbuck was 6 weeks old when I got her and she had a bad habit of love nips to my face. This is the method I use with her. She is now 3 years old and very rarely love nips at all. It still happens once in a great while but I do the same thing now and she stops right away.

Also my neigbor's cat used to nip really hard when being brushed. I got him to stop nipping me by doing this. His mom was afraid to try it at first. He stopped biting me but would bite her. Once she started following my lead the behavior stopped almost completely. The same neighbor recenty adoped a 5 month old kitten. Biscuit initially would chomp my fingers after giving me kisses. I tapped her on the nose and said no biting she has for the most part stopped nipping and still gives me kisses. Her mom does this too. I cat sit for my neigbor and it is rare that either of them nips me. I am giving Neo medicine and he is not biting me.
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Thanks, I'll give it a try but it seems if I move any part of my body closer to his face he puts his ears back and tries to bite even harder. He goes crazy for biting.

Should I do this even if he's lying down on his own and I go by and try to pet him? I don't want him to think that he needs to run away from me if he's always getting a tap to the nose when I come by.
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Personally i wouldn't tap him on the nose because that could make him scared of you He is after all a baby

Going off what you've said, i would keep your hands away from him because he does sound a bit scared?. Wait until he's sitting or lying beside you and just start off by giving him short scritches behind his ear, but as soon as he turns his head to bite stop!.

Have you tried the toys like a fishing wand, and that way your hands are away from his mouth.
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