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kitten in SEVERE heat!!

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zooey is about six months old and is now in her fourth day of heat.
when i say heat, i mean, she's REALLY in heat.
It's worrying because she seems to be in an extremely agitated state.
She is perpetually rolling around on the floor, rubbing up against our feet, the walls, the shoes, our other FEMALE cat who has already been spayed...
And when i say perpetually, I mean, PERPETUALLY. She doesn't STOP!!
It's not so much the noise or the extra attention that we have to give her, it's that she really seems to be distressed and we can't help her.

Question 1:
Is is safe to have her spayed while she is on heat? If so, what are the implications?

Question 2:
If we Can Not have her spayed because she is on heat or because our vet doesn't think it is advisable, what can we do to calm her down?

Question 3:
How long does a heat usually last? Our other cat Bobbie's lasted a while but her's wasn't as traumatic as this one is.

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You can spay when the cat is in heat, but it will cost more and it is a little more risky (not dangerous, though). This is because her female organs are engorged with blood right now, so the vet has to be more careful.

Heats generally last about a week or so.

I have no idea how to help her, she sounds pretty miserable.
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The only way to help her is to get her spayed or bred. And I am sure you don't want a set of kittens. So, call the vet & make an appointment. The quicker she is spayed the happier everyone will be.

Good luck!
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I vote for spaying her. Typically by the time you can find a vet that has an open space for an appointment, she will be out of heat by then and everything will be ok. Depending on where you live it can take a couple days to a couple months to get an appointment.

Good luck!
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i agree with spaying her...poor little thing..
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We've called the vet.
He seems quite comfortable with performing the operation....

The only thing that seems to give her any relief is chasing string around.


Will keep you posted on how she goes.
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He can only do the op on MONDAY!!!


It's going to a LONG weekend for little zooey.

If anyone has ANY ideas about how we can calm her a bit, PLEASE let me know.

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