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Feeling sad about a cat

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I found a pregnant stray cat 8 yrs ago..she had 5 kittens...2 found homes and we ended up keeping the other 3 and still have them...they are close to 7.5 yrs old now....Well tonight my daughter was talking to one of the ppl we gave one of the kittens too...And she said her mom wants to get rid of her 2 cats..and if no one takes them soon they will be put down or taken to the pound...which means they will be put down as well..the pound here isn't into keeping cats long ..b4 they pts....She asked my daughter if we want to take the cat back...I guess I just will never understand how some ppl can have a pet for so many yrs and because they don't want them anymore ..they will put down a healthy really makes me sad....I don't have that in me what so ever.....I really can't take on another cat...I have 5 cats( just put one down last week and we got another little stray from the vets office about a month ago ) and..2 chihuhau's... I have been asking around to ppl I know if they would take one of them poor cats ..but so far no luck...I just feel I have the fate of these poor cats in my hands now because I have to find them a home....Any suggestions ?

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That's so sad

I'll move you over to SOS where someone might be able to give you some links
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there are not a shelter near to your area to they can get them?......
I´m so sad about it too,,,
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are there any "no kill" shelters in your area? maybe you can take them in until you find a shelter like that or a safe new home for them?
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I have e-mailed a few place they are not near me they are in Ottawa...about 100km's or so from my home...but I'd be willing to drive them there if I knew they would be re homed and not pts....
I would love to take them in myself....but I really have to becareful ...I have 7 pets myself and the vet bills can be just to over whelming at times...I dont even know if this women has placed ads in the local paper or ads up at the corner stores...Hopefully she can find homes for them but it sounded like the daughter ( 15 ) was trying to find homes b4 the mom takes them to be put down....I'm still waiting to hear from the shelters I e-mail.....I hope I hear something soon
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Do you know anyone who works with disabled people? Sometimes they are looking for a pet & can offer basic shelter but can't afford or don't have the resources to find a neutered pet. Not all shelters give the disabled a price break,even tho vets usu. do, for medical services.
Those poor cats- they must be so confused at being thrown away
I am sending prayers and vibes that they find a good home soon
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I actually heard back from the 2 places in Ottawa that I e-mail....neither can take the cats.....they are both totally full as well as their foster care said they usually only take strays not owned pets...and that I would have better luck calling the Humane Society....but I did that and was told I don't live in the area that they provide help 2...I need to live one city over....I honestly thought the humane society was into helping all pets ...guess I was wrong....I've tried 3 places with no luck....

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I am going to write Janey and Debbie and see if they know anyine that can take them.
They live near Ottawa.
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Thank you for trying to help....I keep asking everyone I know....I only have a few more ppl to ask...but its not looking good....
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I got a reply from Janey.
She wants to to know what part of Canada they are in.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I got a reply from Janey.
She wants to to know what part of Canada they are in.
I'm 100km's west of Ottawa,Ontario
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I will email her right now.
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My friend sent me this email. She needs more info. She wants pics if you have any.
Hi there

You sent me an email saying "this is where she is" but there was nothing there. Could you tell me again where she lives and do you have any pictures? That might help me find a place for at least one of them. And what sex are they?

Send as soon as possible and if you have no pics, maybe your friend could email me some.

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Does she have a shelter or something ? I'm wondering why she needs to see a pic of them...I don't own them and have no pics but the one I know about is male and he is 7.5 yrs old and a grey tabby....I can find out about the other if needed ...
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She just wanted more info so she can ask people if they want him.
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Oh ok...well I will find out some more info...and maybe get a pic...
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I sure hope she can find someone.
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I'm in Ontario as well, if I can possibly be of any help, just ask!

My hubby's sister is in Ottawa, I'll ask her if she knows of anywhere/anyone that they can be brought to! *crosses fingers*
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