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Our house arrived...

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So the day FINALLY arrived!! On Monday afternoon, our modular home from Adrian Homes pulled into our yard. They estimated it would arrive from GA at 2pm or so, and we had my BIL and his girlfriend on watch with our brandy new camcorder (bought especially for the occasion!) We left work early, around 3:45pm to come home, expected it to be there. BIL said it wasnt there yet when Rob had called him as we left. We pulled in the driveway and there was half of a house sitting there They were about to pull in the 2nd half of the house - it was at the end of the road we're on. Mind you, the road we are off of is barely large enough for 1 car to travel on ... now you wanna pull a 15' wide house down it on the back of a big truck?! Very careful maneuvering.

I got the camcorder and caught the 2nd half of our house being brought in. Then we were able to walk inside the halves and check out the rooms that were not blocked by the plastic wrap/insulation wrap used for the travel and insulation (we couldn't see either bathroom, master closet, or one of the spare bedrooms and the 2nd bath). It was so exciting seeing my wonderful kitchen for the first time!!

Yesterday morning, they prepped the house for the crane to set it down on the foundation (which is approx 4' high in the front, and 3' high in the back. We were on a slight slope.) Yet again my BIL and his girlfriend filmed for nearly an hour while the crane set the front and back halves together. That was definitely cool to watch. I've never seen a modular home get put together. We didn't get to go in the house once it was together because the builders werent there anymore when we got off work and due to liability they need to be with us any time we want to go in before we get the certificate of occupancy. That should be about 60 days or so, hopefully before our 1 year anniversary in February! They had framed the roof already and finished that up, and today they framed up the saddle roof portion and our porch. Unfortunately the porch is A LOT smaller than we anticipated, and had previously thought about asking them to expand that, but decided to wait and see. Maybe in the future when we have more equity in it or $$ saved up, we can add on to it or something. I'm just happy to get off work and see my house sitting out there, so close to completion. I will be so ecstatic to finally move in.

I have a TON of pictures of the progress in the last year on my myspace album, HERE. I hope it is okay to link it, if not, mods, feel free to remove it and I will try and find somewhere else to keep the pictures. The actual pictures of the house getting there starts on page 2.
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How exciting! Thanks for sharing the photos. It was mesmerizing watching it all come together. I've never seen a "modular" house before.

How long will it take them to finish up so that you can move in?
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That is GREAT NEWS! I am about to go check out the pics!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
How exciting! Thanks for sharing the photos. It was mesmerizing watching it all come together. I've never seen a "modular" house before.

How long will it take them to finish up so that you can move in?
The video we have of the house coming together is definitely interesting to watch too! I'd never seen something like that happen either .... a crane picking up a house and putting it together! I'd have uploaded that, but it's ~49 minutes long.

They estimated 60 days from the day they got the house on the property, so around the end of January I guess. Our wedding anniversary is on February 5, so it'd surely be nice to have it finished before then.

Rob and I ventured into the house today, with it all together. Took a bunch more pictures that I will be adding to the album on that link I posted.
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congratulations my friend!.......Can´t wait to see the pics...
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What a lovely home!
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Congrats!! I love the pics! The land is gorgeous. My stepmother and sisters got a Modular home last year about this time. It's very beautiful!
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That's fantastic!
I had never seen a modular house before, and imagined something much smaller. Your place looks great!
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Congratultions It is beautiful. I wish you many happy years in your new home
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Thank you all It's starting to set in that I will have my own home very soon. We've been going through this stupid process for nearly a year (The end of February 2008 we started this whole thing) and it's been very stressful, but I can now see it being very worth it in the end.
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