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When my my mom died I inherited her seven year old pug dog, the problem is that I noticed that my ten year old tabby started increasing her drinking and peeing as soon as the dog moved in. She has also lost alot of weight(she was very overweight before), she dosn't act ill and she eats well. Any ideas?????????? sc
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Get her to a Vet NOW - at that age it could be almost anything. However I don't believe that her current condition has anything to do with the dog moving in.

Based on her age, her originally being over weight and the symptoms you describe, it sounds like it could be Diabetes - something that can be control with diet and/or meds.

Please get her to the Vet now in order to get her needs addressed.

Please keep us in the loop and let us know the out come.

Good luck and plenty of XOXOXOXO to your baby.
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Could be anything, if her increase and output has changed enough for you to really notice it, she should go to the vet.

With the presence of the new dog, does the cat seemed stressed out by it? That could result in your new findings. Or do the cat and dog play a lot, does the dog chase the cat a lot? If the cat has become more active from the dog being around, this could also cause it. The later isn't a bad thing, just means she's drinking more for her activiely level to maintain herself. None the less, call the vet and hope for the best!
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I don't know but I sure hope she is ok!
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I vote a vet visit and quickly!
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