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eye injury

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Hello, about seven months ago a kiteen (two months old) moved in with me (I have three other cats who seem to enjoy his company). Two days ago I think he might have gotten in a fight, because he had like a scratch on the top of his head and a swollen upper eye. I don´t think I can take him to the vet because he doesn´t let me hold him, and I don´t want to risk making him stressed or running away. The swelling is getting worse,today it is so swollen it covers he whole eye. I don´t think it is conjungtivitis because he doesn´t have a red eye or matter, crusts, liquids coming out of it, inside the eye seems to be just fine, although he was sneezing a few days before that (not excesively though), he isn´t sneezing anymore. I think it might be an abscess... I don´t know what to do, my current vet is on a trip, another suggested I give him amoxicilin, or maybe some tranquilizer drops on his food so that he doses off and I can get him there, but we don´t know his weight and it could be risky. How long could I wait to see if it heals on its own before I really must take action, and what could I do to make him more comfortable...
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I beg you to take action now. Do not wait. This sounds very serious. Abscesses can also be very dangerous and can cause death. Get your kitty to a vet so they can physically see him.
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Please, somehow find a way to get the kitten to the Vet, as soon as possible. Don't try dealing with this on your own, don't try giving antibiotics on your own.

why is it that you're unable to hold him? you're not able to even pick him up?

can you get a carrier into a bathroom (small room) and then get him into the room and round him up into the carrier?

and praying you're able to get him to the Vet, if he's this hard to handle, make sure the vet knows this.......because if you had to give daily eye drops, that might not be possible............maybe the Vet could give kitty an antibiotic injection. There is a new one now, called "Convenia" -- it's intended for cats with skin/soft tissue infections, abscesses. It's a one-time shot the Vet can give and it's good for 14 days. If your Vet hasn't heard of it (I'm not sure how new it is, it was my Vet here in Canada who told me about it), here's the link, print it off:


Can you coax kitty with some treats or smelly tuna and then grab him and get him into a carrier?
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He needs to be seen by the vet, there really isn't anything you can do at home for this without first seeing a vet. Eye problems are dangerous... there is always the possibility that they may loose their vision. Vets are taught how to deal with wild cats, they can sedate a cat right in the carrier. They do it all the time with TNRing ferals.

If he is in a carrier he cannot run away. I am guessing that you don't have a carrier? Or it is just hard to get him into the carrier? I get amazed when I come on here and sooo many people have a hard time getting their cats in carriers, the only cats that give me problems with carriers are ferals-and even with them it's not that hard to get them in it, it really just takes some planing and patience. Maybe I am just lucky, LOL.

Whatever the case you can a) get a carrier (they have cardboard ones for $5 at pet shops), b) try to get him into the carrier, it is easier than you think-I know, I've had to get FERAL cats into carriers before.

My methods are different from cat-to-cat.... The main thing is what is the cats motivation? Food? You? Other cats?
If food, try putting a can of human's tuna in water (not oil) in the very back of the carrier and stand several feet away from it, when the cat goes in QUIETLY but fastly-go to the carrier and shut it. You might want to just use a spoonful of tuna, or it may cause a mess.


If she really loves attention from you (which probably isn't teh case if she's a 'fraidy cat, lol) then sit in a small closed room (think bathroom or small walk in closet) with her and the carrier. Start with the carrier a ways away from you and give the cat all kinds of attention, pet her, scratch her ears, whatever she wants.... once she gets comfortable get a little closer to the carrier, then start petting her again. Keep doing this until she is right in front of the carrier. Then pick her up-if she freaks out set her down and pet her some more & try again.... until you can put her in the carrier.


Try catnip... put it in the carrier-set it down and walk a ways away from it. Your cat probably will get in the carrier no problem.


If she loooves a particular toy try enticing her in the carrier with that. You could even try tiring her out with the toy before you try to get her in the carrier-she would put up less of a fight.


If she is particularly fond of one of your other cats try putting the cat she is fond of in the carrier first, then her-you can just take them both, so she has company. Another way would be to put them BOTH in the carrier at the exact same time-side my side. That would only work if you had a large carrier, or if they were both small cats.

I hope my post was helpful to you! Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
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